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Captain Cheerful

Well in today’s era of mushrooming low cost airlines in India, there is scarce difference of one from the other. And leading the band wagon is the home grown Air Deccan which has the dubious distinction of being never on time. But I would like to pen my thoughts about an occasion when a subtle service provided by the airline really made a difference.

I was traveling with my mother from New Delhi to Bhubaneswar on 14th of April. The scheduled time of departure of the flight was 8:20a.m. But because of air traffic congestion, there were some 12 airlines waiting to fly. So our flight was tentatively delayed by an hour. As soon as this announcement was made by the captain, all the passengers started fidgeting. The cabin crew started dispensing food stuffs and beverages, which irked the passengers even more maybe because they had to pay for the same. It was then that the captain of the aircraft took control. His voice boomed through the microphone and he said, “This is your captain speakin…

To Baby :)

We were fresh out of college undergoing our initial training in a leading software MNC at Chennai where I met Karthik for the first time. He was the class representative of our batch and seemed a pretty withdrawn and reserved person. Even I was not one of the outgoing sorts, so our interactions were limited to the “professional” ones. Our whole class used to go for lunches together where we indulged in pretty limited conversations. After the training I was posted at the Kolkatta branch of the same company. I moved on from Chennai. In the fast paced IT world that we lead I had serious doubts if I would be in touch with any of the friends I had made at Chennai. I was certain once we all would get into the regular grind of our project works the busy schedule would get the better of all of us to leave any time for relationships.
Life did not go so …