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Yesterday I asked a friend of mine not to post reviews of books and movies on her blogs. But here I am writing my next blog about a book which is occupying most of the hours that I am awake.Well I won’t write a review on “Shantaram”, because I think there will be ample number of people who would have done the same. What I want to voice is the influence the book has had over me.The novel is set in Mumbai. And each page is seeped in the atmosphere of Aamchi Mumbai. As I sit in the platform and read through the pages of the novel, it’s as if I am tele-ported to Bombay. Most novels have this effect on me since I have a vivid imagination. I construct the places and people in the novels in detail. But this novel seamlessly throws me into the lives of the characters. It’s never like I read 2-3 lines and then I get into the flow of things. On the contrary it’s more like even as I am walking on the streets of Hyderabad, I have the sights and sounds of Mumbai zipping past me. From the slums of …

My God!

It was a bad day. Work was mundane in the office. There were awful traffic jams. I was forced to walk for quite a long distance and was getting irritated with the whole affair. I wanted to get home ASAP. That’s when I just thought I might as well start thinking of my next blog. So I thought I would write about the traffic in Hyderabad. I walked on forming the rough draft of the blog mentally. Then I stumbled on a mound of earth and fell down. I scratched my palm and feet. I got a bit irritated and sent a complaint to the heavens. I screamed within,”Oh God! Why such a pathetic day?” That’s when I thought hey! I can write about my God.My belief in God is strange (others say so, though I find it logical). I am always reminded of a story when I think of him.When I was in school our Moral Science teacher once narrated this story.She said, once there was a man sitting on the banks of a river and thinking about God.He saw a small child dig a hole in the bank. The child then ran to the river …

My daddy Strongest :)

Well this is one of my favorite anecdotes and I thought I might as well put it in my blog.
The incident happened when I was in standard 12th and was preparing for my board exams. Like any other diligent student I used to waste the whole day and burn the midnight oil.
It was one such day when it was well past 2 A.M in the morning and I was studying. My study table used to be right in the center of the room. And from the place where I was seated, I faced a window.
All of a sudden there was a creak! I was like, yeah things do go bump in the night but where did that creak come from? I continued to study when the creak steadied and increased in decibel level. I looked up and saw two eyes staring at me from the window. I was petrified.
There was a person staring at me from the window! From his dark face two alert eyes peered at me, the whites of his eyes scaring the living day lights out of me.
Suddenly I sprang to my feet and ran to my father’s room and woke him. Poor thing he was fast asleep. …

Write Right

I was pondering for quite a long time what to write next. And I decided to write on my love for writing :). Simple, yeah?
I have been writing since I was three. Ok ok that was a joke. (I know some of the readers who know me will comment there she goes displaying her gift of gaff and spurts another of her atrocious jokes. But this is my space so I will spew as many poor jokes as I want.)
Factually, I have been writing since I was in standard 5 I think. That time I used to hang around with a girl called Lipsa. Now we both used to compose poems and write stories and tell each other. I remember having written poems like “My Dear Carmel School”, “My Mom”, “My Dad” and many other interesting and captivating topics. Now some of you might be wondering why did I spare my sister and not write an ode to her. Well I did write a poem for her too. It was called “Meri Behna”. Yes I used to write poems in Hindi also. Lipsa and I used to write on myriad topics and then correct the grammar and punctuatio…

Coffee Faux Pas

I go by the comments on my past blogs to write on the future ones. A friend of mine told that my blogs were a bit too long, so this is going to be a short one :).
Well this blog pertains to an incident which happened when I was at Karthik‘s place one evening. Some guests came over to visit them. So his mom asked me to prepare coffee for them. As I went to make coffee into the kitchen, Karthik came to help me. I was instructed not to add the sugar into the milk but add it later. And the coffee decoction was already prepared. So I religiously boiled the milk. Then I put the sugar into the glasses in which the coffee was to be served. Then I added adequate amounts of decoction and milk into the glasses. I was about to mix the sugar in the glasses that Mr. Know All Karthik stepped in and said, “No, No we don’t mix the sugar in the coffee. Its Tamil style, you are not supposed to mix it. You put a small container under the glass and they will mix it themselves by pouring the coffee back and…