Saturday, January 5, 2008

D day and nonchalance

Its my wedding in 15 more days.

And the strange fact is I am feeling completely numb towards it.

I can feel how busy my mom and dad are with all the preps back at my home.

But strangely I am having none of the “princess for one day”, “the D day” etc etc feeling.

I have seen friends around me going all hyper towards their wedding preparations. They plan everything to the very last details. Yeah my thing is also pretty planned. But most of it is being handled by my parents cos I aint big enuff to do all those stuff :-D

Jokes apart, some how the close ness of the day does nt arouse any feelings in me. Nor does it make me nervous. I feel it’s a day which has been touted a lot and which will pass.

Something like 18th November.

Since the last week of October I was waiting for the 3rd Sunday of November. Cos that was CAT day. An exam I loved and respected a lot and wanted to crack big time. I used to get butterflies in my stomach thinking of that Sunday. God knows how many times I rehearsed how that day would be.

One scenario would be me sitting in the hall not able to answer much and feeling dazed. Then the next moment there would be another of me coming out of the exam hall feeling all triumphant and relaxed and then going off for a movie. Yet another bout of wishful thinking would make me imagine myself all bored through the evening as happens after any important exam.

And all the while when any one would ask me in November, are you feeling excited etc for the wedding I would say “No.. Not exactly”. I thought it was primarily because CAT was over powering me. It was the imminent clear and present danger which needed the alacrity of all my senses.

But then CAT is over and done ( Now its result time I know :- (

And still if any one asks me “So the D day is close eh? How do ya feel?” I say “Hmmm well nothing much :- | “

I aint sure why it is so.

I would love to feel all gaga that I am gonna get married and all.

But I am not.

I tried to analyse what mite be the reasons.

Its none of the predictable reasons like I am afraid to loose my independence or I am scared of the responsibilities that I would need to shoulder now( frankly speaking I am too fiercely independent to give it up and I am mature enuff to shoulder my share of responsibilities and delegate the rest :-D

The nagging feeling still remains – that why am I not feeling all agog. :- (

I think next Saturday when I go home (it starts my 3 week long vacation for the wedding) I might start getting all enthu since then I will be in the thick of activities.

Hoping for that.


Ashu said...

Have a very happy married life Cherrie with K and you were really furious on my last post, but those were my observations out of few marriages i have seen!!!!!

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

wow.. congratulation!! But its weird that you are comparing your wedding with an exam day.
I am happy for you. May your life be full of happiness!

Amrita said...

@Ashu-I wasnt furious at your views. I myself hold some of them. But I feel we should make a conscious effort to remove our negative impressions since -ve emotions can wreck a lot of havoc.
Telling this from personal experience.

@Raaji- Yea I know its weird of me to compare my wedding with an exam day. Even I dunno why am I feeling like this :-S

Abhishek Khanna said...

yippie.. yay yay
ek kuwar ifir gai maari :D
shaadi ka card kaha hai :O :O :O
bad bad gal

Amrita said...

Abhishek- Ruko yaar.. Agla post wohi hoga :D

Ashma said...

Hey happens dear.. don't worry u will get the feel of it as it approaches near.. after all we are the kind of ppl who take exams seriously only the day before.. let's be charitable and give 1 week to the marriage ceremony. So pukka by 13th u will start feeling all that 'excitement/nervousness/etc' that u want to feel.. :) :D

durjoy datta said...

best of luck!
for both cat and the wedding!
what if you get through???
11 hours to result from now on!!!

Amrita said...

@Ashu- yea point taken
@Durjoy-If its CAT i wont leave it for suree

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