Thursday, January 10, 2008

Right time to go?

Well today was a bright sunny day. Morning I had to go out some where for a couple of chores with my room mate. Generally I get to office by 11:30 in the morning, for which I start from home at around 10:30. But today my room mate and I stepped out of the house at 10 and went ahead to the place where we had to get some bills etc done.

The morning was nice and pleasant. Though it was very bright, it was nt hot. It was just the perfect kinda morning which makes a spring season. Yea January is too early to have spring, but then, who has control over weather.
And as I got a chance to savor the weather for some time( rushing to office and scooting back really does nt give one any time at all to enjoy nature), I thought, I am gonna miss these days, this weather, this feeling of being responsible, with no family but friends acting as your support system. I am gonna miss these days of missing home but still some how surmounting them and finding solace in something. I have been out of touch with being at home. I am not sure how I am gonna find it.

As my room mate and I were getting our bills done, we were on with some chit chat. I love the personal interactions I have with her. Its not that we spill out our hearts to each other, but once in a while, some moments, we just talk about personal stuff. And we really connect. She never speaks nonsense, which is the most endearing quality about her. God bless you roomie dear. Before moving into the house, the person who had referred to this place had said, "No matter what, that girl is a gem of a person." And I vouch for that statement.
We came to office in an auto. All the while I was loving the sunny breeze. It was a weather which can make any one a poet( presuming he/she has tastes like mine :P)

And when we took the final turn to office, I remembered last year when I had come to Hyderabad as a tourist, I had come to an arts and crafts villa near office with a friend of mine. And at that turn I had asked her to buy guavas for me. Today also there was a guava vendor with some really wonderful wares. The image of the evening a year back flashed in front of my eyes in a jiffy. I became nostalgic.

Some how touchwood, I feel I am blessed with respect to the friends I have. God bless ya all wonderful people.

Work was as usual in office today when towards the afternoon my counsellor ( thats the term used for the person doing the appraisal in my firm. He s not just an appraiser, he is a counsellor in the literal sense of the term whom you can reach out to for any kinda professional help) introduced me to a girl who had joined our firm today itself. He asked me to help her get her bearings.

I went for a cup of coffee with her. We were going on with the random facts of how to get stuff done in office. The conversation then veered to me going on a vacation from next week and leaving the firm by March or so. And she seemed so crest fallen. Its human tendency to look upto the person you are introduced to on the first day in office as a friend. But when I mentioned I would be leaving in some months, I could sense how weird she might have felt. Even I had felt a nice vibe with her from the word Go. Pity I am leaving in some time.

As we were going back to our respective desks she mentioned, wish you were here for some more time, we would have caught up with each other, but you are leaving :( .

It was just the same when I had left my previous company as well. I ended up having a good friend only towards the fag end of my tenure.
I very well remember the last day of mine at my previous firm. There was to be some grand celebration. I dont remember for what. And there was a red carpet laid out and all.

And I had smsed K "Know what, I am leaving and here they have laid out a red carpet for me to go. Bozos! " And he had replied,"Hehe Red carpet. Go on Doggy. You gonna love Hyd".

I did love it. And now time for bye bye :(

Wish I had to leave places when things were down and out rather than looking bright.

I wish there was a right time to everything. But guess there is not. Things happen when they should happen. Not when we want them to happen. Hai na?

This song kept coming again and again as I was writing this post.


Scribbler said...

"If the world remained the same everyday
Then mankind would have never known what's tomorrow or yesterday"

Keep it rollin;)

abhi said...

hmm wo to hai.. we dont have control over things.. n yeah it happens a lot.. wen u r leaving a place or company or college then only u find some nice ppl tht u think u shud have met earlier..

*neways din get shaadi ka card till nw*

rashi_pratibimb said...


Btw, best wishes for the wedding!!

Johnny Cigar said...

"I wish there was a right time to everything. But guess there is not. Things happen when they should happen. Not when we want them to happen."

Its one of those lines which would have made it to the 'quote of the day' or 'think it over' of several newspaper but would disappear in to oblivion on a blog..
great blog..
keep writing.
best of luck with the job.

durjoy datta said...

best of luck for the wedding!!!!!!
i thought people there constantly lived in the fear of getting dehydrated.....!!!!!
nice post!!!!!!!!!

Parisbuggy said...

Nice post. The only thing certain in life is uncertainty..I guess. Enlighten me on what 'tagging'is..please?

Deepsikha Mishra said...

I completely Can Undrstand wat all Mixed emotions u havin now..!! SOmetimes when I sit alone and Look back @ things..I feel wish..I cud Go back 2 my school days again.....Kash wahan se hi fir shuru hota sab kuch...!

CAT was a complete disaster 4 many yaar..even 4 my bhai :(.


Hw r u dear? Read all ur blogs today..Today I feel 1 bit relaxed.. Me too wud write again..Its long I have written sumthin :P.

Shaadi ki preparations kese Going ;)..ALl the Best My dear.
:-* muhaaaaaaaaaaaa!

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

interesting account of your day... :)
I suppose there are going to be a lot of changes in your life soon :)
Good luck!

Shallu Goyal said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shallu Goyal said...

Missing u a lot dear...!!!May this new life gives u enuf reasons to remain smiling and cheerful as ever...:)God bless u dearie...

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