Married and back

I was off from blogging for a good three weeks. And I have spent the last 3 hours reading blogs. And boy! Aint I tired. And I am itching to write my own.

The three week long vacation for my wedding went at its own pace, and had me traveling a lot.

The D day passed. And before I knew it it was all over.

We had our share of miscalculations and goof ups in the arrangements.

But what I remember more of the whole affair is the small small arrangements that mom sis and I had to make in the last week to the D day.

I had to visit loads of relatives, do quite a lot of last minute shopping, make arrangements for pick ups drops etc.

Now that its all over, I miss the run up.

I vividly remember, the hectic and near lunatic shopping we did. We had started shopping some 4 months prior to wedding still we had so many last minute purchases. We used to be for solid 7-8 hours on our feet going from one shop to the other and making the purchases. The long drawn discussions with all the relatives being roped in. Dad would be furious at the burgeoning telephone bills. But with 3 women in the house, he had little say over them.

Now it all seems to have gone in a black hole. All the frantic preparations, the sweat and the toil, all for one day which is over.

Ironical right.

Some days prior to my wedding I had read a piece in the Times of India stating the importance of the journey rather than the destination.

And the words of that article seem to have stayed on with me. Seriously, we spend so much time preparing for an important event, for an exam, for an occasion, and 8- 10 hours decide on all the labor put in for days on end. We should make it a point to enjoy the journey, cos thats most important.

Post marriage there was absolutely no change in me or K. It struck me as weird to see my sis in law and her husband behaving like lovey dovey couples and holding hands even after a year an a half of marriage. But K and I were behaving just ordinary. One of my uncles remarked, look at the both of you, you are walking around as if you don't know each other. I am not sure whether it is because both of us are absolute duds at being romantic or we both are very very averse to any kind of Public Display of Affection.

Today on the flight back to Hyds, and I came face to face with one of the changes. The ticket said Mrs. Amrita. Really feels a heavy tag to wear.

And when I am talking to some one and they refer to K as "your husband" it takes some time for me to realize our relationship status has changed.

And in office, one of my female married colleagues asked me how did I feel in my new home. (Btw I am back at Hyd while K s gonna continue at Chn) I told, did not get the feel so much. But I am missing home for sure.

Then she was like thats the predicament dear. Till now I miss my mom though I have been married for 3 years. Though I stay with my husband, my heart yearns for my mom and dad.

:( Sad

Serliously some how, Next birth I would love to be a guy. Some things never change for a girl I guess. Well there are quite a few things that are unsettled as of now. And the sense of being "married" is yet to sink in.

I hope and pray things don't change and most importantly I never change.

One of my friends had said, being married is the true test of ones friendship.

That one relationship brings so many changes that all past relations fade out.And till now I have never given up on a friend. I hope the marriage does not change it. The trait of K that endeared him to me most was his acceptance of my other friends without an iota of jealousy. I hope I remain as reachable and approachable to alllllllll my friends as I have been till date and dont go into some other "orbit" (as a friend of mine has predicted).

As of now I am back to normal self. Status Quo Prevails.

PS: And thats the man I got married to.


Ashu said…
Hey amrita, congs for the wedding........many many hugzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz and we owe a treat from you.........

marriage must be very sweet feeling na and tht too wid person who loves u and u love him.....

so blisfful and cute feeling na......

and its bad tht u are at hyd and K at chennai :(

try getting to chen or him to hyd and put this to the co u work for, they shud xfer u on very solid reason u have........

my company does so.......

finally once again many many.........congs and lotsa love

Angel said…
no matter what happens to K ... K is still K :P

loved tht pic in this post .. and hatz off for ya for choosing tht pic :)
Abhishek Khanna said…
hey congo Mrs Amrita

still waiting for the marriage party :D
Amrita said…
@Ashu- That sweet and blissful feeling to mujhe nehi hua :)
Its just a relief mebbe that the person cud hav been some one worse than K :P :D
I am mving to chn by mid march. Gonna miss my current flat mates like hell :(
And thanks a lot for the wishes.
@Abhishek-Thanks for the wishes. Treat kahan doon?
Ashma said…
welcome back Mrs. Amrita.. :)))) Hey u know even i didnt realize u r a 'mrs' now.. :D seemed as if nothing changed and this line of urs kindda surprised me too.. I can well imagine what you would have felt!! And dont worry dear, I am sure you are gonna have ur friends with you! Always!
Amrita said…
Hey Ashma!! Amen to that. And hope the post fulfilled ur expectations. Any other things u wud want me to high light ? That would give me pointers to my next post :D
heylo... congs 4 d marriage.... thou not a regular one to comment, bt have been regular visitor of ur blog...

keep blogging...
right now read it all in a jiffy, and a li'l caught up in office :( will surely talk abt this marriage stuff :)

Congratulations again..
SwAThi.... said…
Hey Congrats for ur marriage....and thanks for visiting my keep coming back... ;)
Amrita said…
@Rohit and Swathi-
Thanks for ur wishes...
Johnny Cigar said…
great insights in some never discussed before issues.
Chitra said…
Hey Amrita... good luck! And do keep blogging :-)!
Endevourme said…
have a happy life 2gather :D
rashi_pratibimb said…

The pic was awesome:)
so howz the new life treating you??? is it making much of a difference now that you are married...
Amrita said…
@Rohit - Well, now since both of us are in different cities.. i am yet to feel n live the difference
i can post on the differences in the 3 rd week of march mebbe :)
oh!!!! i think that if its a luv mariage, it won't really change things.. bt then there is this other side of the story....

i am unable to understand when ppl tell me that things change after marriage... probably that's the reason of my apprehensions towards marriage :) .. i meant getting married...

bt mujhse toh koi shaadi bhi nahi karegi :P

i m sure u'll have a great married life too.. wish u all the best.. so u hyd??? right???

Blog updated, new post
i think you are dealing with marriage and the changes it brings to life more easily than a lot of other do. In my opinion, its a good thing.
Amrita said…
Thanks a lot Raaji :)

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