Friday, February 15, 2008

V Day

He: Hey I got the cake. It was good. But the one sent by your friend for our wedding was better.
She: Oh! It costed double the amount but was nt that good. Thats bad.
He: Anyways. I liked this cake too.
She:Btw H was telling me to book the cake from Country Oven itself. I only got it done from the online site. Guess I should have gone and booked it at the bakery only.
He: Who H?
She: (Sullen tone) H my friend who sent us the cake on wedding day.
He:Errrr... Who?
She:My colleague. With whom I go for lunch every day.
He: Oh! She! Ok. Ok.
She: Hmm...
He: Anything wrong?
She: No nothing
He:Come on. Tell me.
She: Hmm no nothing s wrong. Just having a small headache.
He: Something is bothering you. Tell me. You expect me to ask 10 times before you tell me?
She: See you don t even remember her name. She takes all the pain to send us a beautiful cake for our wedding and you don t even remember her name!
He: Who? Oh H!?
PAIN! I can t understand what pain she undertook to get the cake ordered. Did she get hurt or something?
She: Thats what you do every time. Trivialize everything. Some one has that much concern so he/she goes out of her way to do something. And you don t even give a scant regard for that.
He: Hey come on. Don t make a big issue of this ok. Shes your friend and closer to you so maybe you remember what she did. Why are you dragging me into it.
She: What your friend my friend? She did something for us right? She made our wedding day special by sending us that cake, did nt she?
I remember each of your friends names. And you won t even make the effort to remember mine. It all depends on your mood. If you are in the mood to give some importance to a person you will remember else you just don t care.
He: Hey don t say I don t remember any of your friends names. I remember A, Sa, Sw,Sh. And I don t expect you to remember each of my friends names. If you forget big deal. I will tell their name again and again.
She: But I dont forget right? Thats cos I make the effort to remember the names of your friends who are close to you and who make you happy.
He:Thats very good. But one thing I can assure you now. I won t forget your friend H. Thats for sure. Cos of all days today we are having a fight because of her.
She: Come on. Don t be unfair. She is a good friend of mine. Don t blame her for this fight.
He:Then what else? I don t think her husband would remember you. But there you go fighting with me cos I don t remember her.
She: I am sure her husband remembers me.
He: So be it. I can t remember people. I try. I am not able to.
She: Thats the difference baby. You just add a personal touch if you remember people.
And my friends are nearly like my family. You remember my sister s name and face I am 90% happy. Similarly you remember my friend's name and face I am 80% happy.
Any ways all this started in the first place cos you asked me if something was wrong and I went ahead telling the whole thing. From today I think I should just shut up and handle things my self.
Unnecessarily I get worked up and say things I should not say. See of all days today I fought with you.
He: You only told once that I am ignorant. So now I choose to ignore this stupid crappy remark that you made.
The only reason why you ordered this cake and I asked you again and again if something was wrong or bothering you was because you love me and I too love you a lot.
She: Yea. I know.
He: Thats whats most important. Life goes on.
She: I love you.
He: I love you too. Now give me a Muah and keep the phone.
She: Muah. Good night.
He: Muah. Good night.


Anonymous said...

so mrs Cherrie, how was ur 1st valentine day post marriage ?

Anonymous said...

Seems u recently got married..
" High Expectations " :D
Nice work though ...

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

awww... such a lovely post :)
Good to find something more "romantic" and emotional from you :)

Khushi said...

happy Valentine's day :)

Ashma said...

hehehe.. :) I actually get pretty surprised if i find u writing mushy things. cant help it.. will take time.. :D meanwhile keep it coming..

Amrita said...

@Ashu - I put it allllll in the blog :)
@Raaji - :) Me blushing :)
@Ashma - I think I told ya I am fulllllllllll of surprises ;)

Rohit Jain (felon) said...

friends, very imp.. atleast for me yes it is.. thou i can't really compare, bt then when i was with my gf, we had the same issues, and it actually became the major reason of my break up :P ...

bt the best part is that in the end, all ends well u see... good read really...


Solitaire said...

Have you visited my blog?
Try looking for hum tum.
You will relate to it!

Abhishek Khanna said...

hehe.. nice one.. waise u shudnt expect ur guy to remember all ur frnds names.. even if she ends a cake or not.. ;)
remembering names n dates is the biggest task for a guy.. phew

Amrita said...

Oh Abhishek!! Thanks for the awesome tip.
But insaan thoda try to kar sakta hai na..
He some how has the penchant for remembering the names of all my gud looking frns but somehow.. :|

Rohit Jain (felon) said...

i totally agree with abhishek :) .. but wow!!! i hav been able to remeber quite a few (my xgf's friends' names) ..he he.. may be coz her friends were so so beautiful and hot!!!! :D


kidding... i mean, its good if a guy can remember, if not, atleast effort is required..i agree to that as well. it is a difficult deal, bt not impossible u see :)

Abhishek Khanna said...

well.. did someone teach u to cry wen u r hungry?? nahi na.. some things are like god feeds them in you before throwing u on this plannet ;)

Amrita said...

Well Abhishek! I must confess irrefutable argument!

Rohit Jain (felon) said...

m i being ignored :(

newaz, me leaving for US tonight.. so surely won't be able to blog next 2 daz atleast.. u have a good time..

cheers!! btw, we are in the same field, might need some help/guidance professionaly.. you are a consultant.. right? which company?

Amrita said...

Na na Rohit u aint being ignored. Chillax!
Well i am more of an IT Consultant...
Cant reveal all details over blog right.

Rohit Jain (felon) said...

well surely i can understand.. btw leaving for US tonight.. plz add me on probably can talk to you someday.. (if that's fine for you) ...

can't ask for more here on the blog :) .. so howz all going??? mez right now in mumbai.. fun place, i love it..

Pri said...

sigh!! and the eternal 'martian-venutian' arguement goes on ...
reminds me of that 'coffee bite' ad ;p

Renu said...

lovely one, in my time we had these verbal fights for relations:)

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