Friday, May 2, 2008

Woman of the house

Its been close to a week, and I have been the woman of the house in the true sense of the term.

My mom in law has been with my sis in law in the hospital since the past 2 weeks. My sis in law delivered a cutsu baby girl on the 29th of April( A Taurean baby :D :D )

So for the past 2 weeks, the reins of the house have been in my hands.

Morning I wake up with K at 0530 hours pronto for the gym which we go from 0600 hours to 0700 hours.

After that its a scurry of activity for me once I am home. I prepare something for lunch. Usually I cook the curry the night before since in the morning I have time just to make the rotis. Stupid K leaves the house at 0810 hours pronto. That has me all huffing and panting to get his lunch ready. And simulataneously, I prepare my morning cuppa and gulp it down in intervals.

After the lunch is ready, I get on with the breaker. (Now I am getting a tad hyper by calling it making breaker.) I have been feeding poor K on bread all the while. Its some sandwich or the other every day. And K s been a sweet to eat it everyday. (On second thoughts I somehow feel, he thinks bread has lesser calories than normal Indian breakfast which makes him all the more happy to eat the bread. )

But seriously being in control of the house, is quite a pain. I have to ensure that the maid does the needful. And since she does not understand Hindi, I have to more all the more patient to explain to her with actions what needs to be done. And we get fresh water from 0730 hours to 0745 hours which has to be filled in drums et al (Chennai has water problems - information for the uninitiated). K runs around doing this, but I have to see to it sometimes in case he is tied up in something else. Evenings there are all the clothes to be folded and kept. Then the ones meant for ironing have to goto the laundry basket and when the laundry lady comes to pick the stuff, it has to be ensured that the count is proper and that she has delivered the right number of clothes.

I realise what a major help my mom in law had been all this while. Being in charge, gives you a lot of room as in what you want to eat but it brings in the additional burden of thinking what to cook to eat.

One day when I came all drenched in sweat from the kitchen, K was like ,"Hmpf so much scene for cooking dinner one day. Imagine your mom and my mom and so many other moms who do this day in and day out and have been doing for so many years." I felt like gouging the eyes of that insensitive brute.

This brief stint has made me realise the prowess of our moms for sure. Its not mean feat to manage the house. I now hail all the mother and home makers of the world. Maa tujhe Salaam.


Deepsikha Mishra said...


Anonymous said...

so cherrie is in fully into housewife role too besides being a career woman....keep up bebe!!!

meanwhile u tagged not just once, but 2 times....for details come check my blog

Ruhani said...

Well got to read ur blogs as well. Awesome. i must say :)

Abhishek Khanna said...

hehe.. :P

Deepsikha Mishra said...

ACha sun Hwz ur tabiyat now?????

Amrita said...

Yea tabiyat is fulltu fine :)

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