Monday, June 2, 2008

2 Weddings and Cherrie :)

Some time back I wrote a post on one of my friends doing a groom hunting. Shes finally landed up with her match. Well I cant say he satisfies all the business and functional requirements. But my friend chose him. Despite a lot of questions she boiled down on him. Even when she had to go to meet him, she was very pissed off, as she had a lot of qualms about his career streak. Since he had attempted getting into business after completing his graduation which in due course did not work out fine, his actual work experience add up to be less than hers. This made her a bit jittery initially.

But then, marriages are made in heaven as it is said(and the price is borne on earth ;) )So with a lot of questions in heart she went ahead with the alliance. After the match was fixed, the usual rigmarole of late night phone calls, thinking of gifts for each other etc etc started. But at times my friend used to pop up the most unusual questions to me - "Have I done the correct thing?" "Every one asks me I should feel something different and special, but I don't. Is that OK?" "I think I wanted some one smarter - many a times he does not understand my jokes/satire/comments." To all this, I reply "Hang on dear you will be happy with him".

After a point I started getting amused with her questions. Sometimes she would be like, he talks a lot yaar, I hope I don't get bored with him (What a quintessential Indian girl I would say, who has thoughts of getting bored with her husband. :| ) I feel like an old granny even though I have been married for 4 months only. And I think Bachchu shaadi kar le, fir baat karte hain :D

Somethings are not answered before one actually starts living that life. But it is hilarious to hear all the questions from her. I am not sure if I too pestered her with a question bank :)

At the same time, another very close friend of mine is also getting married. And she is a different specimen altogether. She too had a lot of apprehensions from the word go. Initially she used to take the whole alliance as a compromise only. But slowly when she started to get to know the person, a lot of her perception changed for the better.Her fiance too talks a lot(I think its a myth that girls are more loquacious), and sometimes she tells me"Radio ki tarah bajta rehta hai band hi nehi hota" Now this is a slap on the face of the creative directors of the Airtel ads where Ms Vidya Na-real Balan huskily reprimands Maddy for having called her 8 times. Here this my friend, has laid a curfew on the number of smses he can send and the duration for which they should talk. Earlier they used to talk from 1700 hours till 2100 hours and send smses till late at night. But then she realised, they never had anything concrete to talk, but would just while away their time. And sometimes just hanging on to each other for the heck of it, used to lead to frequent fights which she wanted to avoid.

My friends are shattering all ideas of lovey dovey couples snuggling with the cell phones till the wee hours of the morning. Even I never used to talk for long hours because K was a stickler to the rule of getting at least 8 hours of sleep. At that time I thought I was an aberration. But I think I have a lot of like minded people around me :)

I wish I could clairvoyance to know what your futures look like. But I am sure you both will make the best of the lives that you have chosen. You will over come the fears and uncertainties and forge relationships of a lifetime with your partners. And while you enjoy your courtship period, I have to figure out what to gift you both on your D days :(


Sat said...

HAHAHAHA, you know what? I was laughing mad on reading this sentence "Well I cant say he satisfies all the business and functional requirements". You have given a new definition to the term "GROOM" and a new dimension to the concept called "Marriage" :-)

Good one dude.


Nitin said...

Thats the gud one ..."Radio ki tarah bajta rehta hai band hi nehi hota" ....boys should really think where they are heading to..

"business and functional requirements" our work affect our thot process.. its like consultant telling client take this application it satisfies both..

Amrita said...

@Sat and Nitin- Yea our work does affect our vocab a lot! :)

Nitin said...

hehehe... u r tagged... ( I know u love 'K' so expect u will do it sometime...)

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