Tag season big time I guess

Satish's Tag.
Must confess it was a tough one....

1. What could be the 1 wish you will ask if a genie comes in front of you?

A: Start flight services from Chennai to Bhubaneswar

2. What could be the 1 period you would want to go in a time machine?
A: I am happy in my current state :)

3. What will be the 1 question you will ask if you happen to meet the captain of a UFO?
A: How long are u gonna keep me? :S

4. What will be the 1 thing you would do if you are to go invisible for 1 minute?
A: Just being invisible that too for just a minute wont be of any use for me.

5. What will be the 1 thing you do if you have 1 crore rupees rite now?
A: Invest 75% of it, and go for nice trip around the world with family.

6. Who will be the 1 person with whom you would love to live life long, apart from your Parents, Partner, Bro or Sis ?
A: K of course

7. What is that 1 song which you always hum, without even sensing that you are humming it?
A: It is usually the continuation of my ringtone. I keep some song as my ringtone. So generally the remaining song stays on my lips :)

8. What is that 1 mannerism in you which can be easily noticed by others?
A: I think I walk fast. But am not sure if I walk noticeably fast. Enlighten me people.......

9. What will be the 1 thing which you would want to take with you to your grave?
A: Some books if they can go further with me :)

10. What is that 1 habit of yours, which are trying hard to get rid off?
A: I am impulsive in speech sometimes.

11. Who is that 1 person who deserves a tight slap from you rite now?
A: The speedsters on the beach road near my house. Those absolute @@$@#%^^ morons who think driving fast is cool. I wish I would beat the living day lights out of them.

12. What is that 1 food item you will not say NO, anytime when offered?
A: I would not say food item - but tea is a beverage I wont deny. Anytime is tea time :)

13. Who will be that 1 dead famous personality, whom you would want to come back alive?
A: What good would they do by being alive now ?

14. Who is that 1 teacher, you would not forget anytime in your life?
A: Just 1? I had so many teachers whom I would never ever forget. But if I have to say just one, it will be Sharda Chadha, my English teacher.

15. Who is that 1 friend, whom you are missing so much rite now?
A: No one.

16. What is that 1 thing you would do if you know your death date?
A: Learn tennis. Learn some musical instrument preferably a piano :) And get all my savings and spend them off. (Of course I would leave quite a bit for my darling sis and hubsu :) )

17. What is that 1 thing which you are planning to dispose for a long time and hasn’t done it yet?
A: I am not a person who keeps things which are not needed. Many a times I discard things thinking I wont need them but end up missing them later :( and buying new ones all over again.

18. Who will be that 1 famous personality, with whom you would badly want to date?
A: Mel Gibson

19. Who is that 1 person with whom you are madly in crush rite now ?
A: Crush!!!!!! I am past that age I think :D

Ashma you should do this tag....
Any one else feel free to pick it up ....


Sat said…
Hey, thanks for tagging.
Ya I know, choosing 1 in life is always tough ;-) I am a living example ;-)

Ashu said…
be ready for one more tag cherri
Nitin said…
What abt "Sarkar Raj" .have u seen it....
Nitu said…
Nice to so many 1 things :)
19 is not a good number to end a list, rite?
Can number 20 be- what 1 thing u didn't tell here that u think u ought to tell?
Amrita said…
AAAH!! Smart BUOY Nitu!!! I must say...
Well the 19th Q was sth i found a bit stupid.... no offense made to the person who tagged me..

it went something like...
What is the one lie u said tht u wish were true...
now i genli lie sayin i am sick to take a day off from ofc.. when i am genli feeling lazy... wud never want tht to bcum true :S

i thot i wud put some Q to make it 20 but thn thot WTH!
Vivek said…
came across your blog thro coffeeandstories...pretty interesting..keep up the good work

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