The end

As my last blog pointed out, yesterday started on a miserable note.

Since I was on my cribathon, I ended up pissing off K big time. And when he gets pissed off, he scolds. And when he scolds, he can be remorseless, spiteful, hurtful :(
And he feels damn guilty for being so, but sadly he cant help loosing his temper either.

Hmm so as soon as I got to office the first thing I did was type out a short and crisp sorry mail.

Once I got my bearings, things started looking up. Work was going on at a nice and decent pace. But all the while I was kind of thinking that K might be all sulky through out the day. Cos, he says I make his day!

I was wondering if I was able to get home soon, and in case he was also able to make it to home at a decent time, we would do something together. I was thinking about sometime at the beach(which is very close to my home), but then the last time we had been there, we had fought on trivial matters :(
Then I thought, ok! roadside food from some stall would rock! We are both addicted to the veg rolls at a stall near our place.
And as K started from office at 1830 he text messaged me "Frankie on the way back?" I replied "You read my mind! "

I was all agog to go home.
But Murphy Chachu came up. And I was delayed at work. :(
I managed to start from office at 2030 hours. I called up K and said "Frankie plan cancelled :(". He was ok with it, but said we might need to go out to get some stuff for home.

I knew I would be tired by the time I got home, but I could not resist a bike ride to run the errand, so said yes.

I got home at 2100 hours, and we set out.
He parked the vehicle and started walking in the opposite direction. I was taken by surprise. Then I realised, we were headed to my favvvvvvvvvvv restaurant!
K's way of making up for being harsh with me in the morning.

Dinner was sumptuous. But dessert was best - a sundae called "The last time I saw my waist" :D


Abhishek Khanna said…
nice to hear that :)
Nitin said…
Wah .. kya kismat hein .. pehle ladayee karoo aur phir favorite restaurant mein dinner... It reminds me of Surf excel ad .. daag acche hein.. ..

--"The last time I saw my waist"
dessert name is really funny..Its gud marketing....
Amrita said…
Hehe well said nitin
Shallu Goyal said…
soo sweeet!!!..:)
Solitaire said…
Is that what it really looked like?????????????????????????
Amrita said…
@solitaire -yep... prettty close
wow that's wonderful way to treat the love...and the dessert ...wohhaaa

bhookh lag gyi mujhe toh :P
Scribblers Inc said…
thats a darn creative name for a dessert!!:D

Scribblers Inc.
wow wow , kya din tha , waise was that a sizziling brownie , ?
Rajesh said…
That sundae was ....i mean...wat to say...So so delectable...nice rolling U :)
Nitu said…
That says so much about the bonding!!
ambika said…
you are very lucky
"touch wood"

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