Friday, July 4, 2008

Hmmm Ego massage on a lazy morning

How Sweet Are You?

You are a Sweetie-Pie. There is absolutely no one sweeter in this world than you! You top the sweetness scales and are a true Sweetie-Pie! You are bashful and earnest and everyone adores you! You wake up each day with hope and optimism, and your smile looks like it is straight from the sun! You never have harsh words about anyone and will be there to lend a helping hand to whomever asks. You are the sweetest thing out there!

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What one word embodies you?

I am the embodiment of Beauty. You are a person that views the world as this magical place, finding beauty in almost everything. You find beauty in the most simple and fundamental things, as well as in more complex things such as people. You're not one to look for beauty, you just see it. You understand things for what they are, and expect nothing more.

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What Animal Were You In Your Past Life?

You were unicorn. You were mysterious and noble. You have fairytale traits, and other people can only dream in envy. Your nature is completely impossible to decipher and behind all that, you know that you shine bright, for only the luckiest people get the chance to know you.

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Which Sholay Character Are You?

You are Jai. You are the person of great intuition. The best part of your personality is that you will go to any extent to help others without harming others, though you will not show it. You are the man of courage. Though a very serious person, you are protective about others. You always make the right decisions.

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Nitin said...


After long time...

Aur yeah brainfall waale kitne reliable hein.. saab aacha hein likhte hein ki .... :)

Anonymous said...

wonderful he na yeh ? i got two good ones :)

Ashma said...

Hey all same except the first one.. me being sweet and sour..

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