International Cribbing Day

Today is International Cribbing Day.

Today you can crib about anything and everything(your work, work location, pay, manager, bai, watchman, in law, inflation, weather, wardrobe, malls, etc etc etc) to any one(friend, mom, spouse, cousin, bagal wali aunty, generally to the air, trees, road). And if some one comes over and cribs you either have the option to shut up and listen or crib back.
Hmmm well wish there was a day like that. But that is how today has been for me since the morning.

Yesterday I was in a very lethargic and un motivated state of mind. So I ended up wasting a lot of time though there were important things lined up for me to do. That in turn had the cascade effect of me going to sleep with a truckload of guilt and ending up sleeping a bit late.
I had planned to go for a walk in the morning. But since I woke up late, I had to cut short the duration of the walk. It was something like going and saying good morning to the beach rather than taking a good long solid walk. Now having a bad exercise session irks me to no end. I am an extremes person in this. Either do it with full gusto or don t do it at all. Today, I neither had a longer sleep, nor I had a good walk, nor was I was able to something useful after coming back from the walk since I was so divinely pissed off. You see the pattern? :) As a result the irritation, the bile was just increasing exponentially.

And I started cribbing to K.

He tried to make up by booking tickets for some movie over the weekend. But then we remembered we had some other commitments and a movie would not be feasible. Damn!

Hmm so I thought, better get to office soon, atleast there I could make myself useful. But but but - fate gave me one more chance to crib even more. Water stopped coming! There was some stored water so I managed, but then - what an already pissed off person does not need is more creases in the routine.

And my cribathon continued - building up a nice little pyramid, taking all variables into consideration. Coincidentally - the bus we boarded to get to office had an ace cribber as the conductor. Voila! Everyone seemed to be on a roll.

So go ahead! Celebrate Cribbing! :)


Abhishek Khanna said…
crib crib crib crib
Nitin said…
only one day in a year :( it should be atleast every month....
Amrita said…
hehe chalo nitin aap har mahene mana lo :)
vk said…
You manage to come up with some great pics for every post of yours!
Nitin said…
thankooo thankoo...... Aaj kal aap bade busy chaloo rahe hoon
Amrita said…
@VK- Thanks ! :)
@Nitin - Why do you say so?
Sat said…
dont tell me that you thought hard to write this, just could not imagine you keep track of such days "World Cribbing day", there is no such thing exists, Its not worth reading. I was expecting something better ....

HAHAHAHA - So How was my cribbing to you ??? ;-))))) hahahaha.

Scribblers Inc said…
World Cribbing day??why doesnt anyone temme??what the heck is this??I hate my job!!I hate eberything!!

Scribblers Inc.
hahhahahha hey i crib almost evryday & then thinkmaybe some of it was my fault too ,!!
Amrita said…
@Sat-I got scared for a moment :)
Nitin said…
Aapke printing press mein chapai (printing) bade dhiree.. dhiree chal rahe thee na.. so i thot.. u r busy..

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