Monday, November 3, 2008

Finally at peace

Small small things make a big picture I feel.
Ever since I came back from my vacation, I was so ill at ease... And there was no big trouble behind it. Only small matters, trivial things.

I did not have a decent pair of shoe for all my outfits. For a person like me who chooses which shoe to wear it was a problem of catastrophic proportions! I had just one "wear worthy" shoe! And cos of that I had to ration my clothes. I had to keep some of them at bay, cos they would not go with the only (yes only) shoe that I had. Boy it was so agonizing in the morning :( I felt all the more terrible because there was one particular darling black shoe that I had got with so much fervor, but it was being an unbearable pain. It used to give me terrible shoe bite in the heel. So there I was all dejected and gloomy, with one stupid shoe :(

But then on the weekend before the one that went by, I went shoe shopping. I had no hopes to get a good pair, but my lone shoe had borne the brunt of a week's incessant rains, and I couldn't be certain of its health. What if it breathes its last during an all important office day!! I could be beyond redemption. So I made an iron will and thought, no matter how the quality, I will get a pair for backup sakes at least. But at the shop, I picked not one but 2 shoes and both to my choice. Anddddddd surprise surprise, I also got transparent heel pads, which I could use with the bitter black shoe :) and voila!!! Since I already had 3 in my kitty, I decided to give a long discarded sports shoe a goooooood wash so that I can be choosy on friday mornings as well :D . Woo hoo! :)

Apart from that, it had been 2 months since I did any sort of exercise. I was feeling like the fattest person on earth. For one reason or the other I had not been able to renew the gym membership. During the Dusshera vacations I had eaten like a properrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr glutton. :( And I was somehow not able to summon the will to re join. I coaxed K to join me to motivate me. But no. For him the early morning slumber was way too important. I was waiting for some divine intervention, some push which would make me turn towards some form of exercising. K said, join after Diwali. Enjoy the onset of winter as long as you can and there is no better way of doing so but wrapping oneself up in bed. Hmmmmmmmm very pleasant thought and verrrrrrrry tempting, but then with tyres and radials shaping up, I again had to give so many items on the wardrobe a miss :(

I was waiting for 1st Nov all the while, but that day also I felt lazy in the morn :( When we were out for some shopping, K turned towards the gym and said, cmon, go pay the membership and start from tomorrow. You will like it. Oh how I love my hubby!! :) And from 2nd Nov, I was back on the treadmill. Feels great you know!

The long pending bed for mil was finally assembled together. The bed has the typical make of stuff from my uncle's factory, which makes me feel as if I am at my paternal house!! The room looks awesome with the stunning bed right in the center of it. With a new mattress right in place, I feel so satisfied giving my mom in law a lavish bed as a Diwali gift!

Diwali itself, though it was a much anticipated event for me, went a tad off key . Some minor mis understanding ruffled a few feathers in the morning. It was supposed to be a great event for me, cos the first Diwali after wedding is a much celebrated affair. The issue was resolved no sooner than it happened but then, the very fact that it was there, left a sour taste. Hmmm well who said life is a bed of roses.

Right now, the weather is taking a turn towards winter, and I think I am getting the groove back.


Satish (a.k.a) Bhaashaa said...

"but then with tyres and radials shaping up" hahahaha, I had a good laugh on reading that :-) ROTFL

Gym is one agenda / resolution that I make sure I have in my calender every year, unfortunately, I never addressed it. Well, I have not got to the stage of tyres or radials, I am still posing a "RIM" figure ;-)

I gotta give a serious thought once I come back to INDIA.

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

well I am glad, things are better now :-)

τ ħ€ ĐάЎđяёάmёя said...

hehehehe so eventually u got everything in place..back to three pair of heels and one sports...u goota loads foc hoices in shoes department....

maje hai.... :P

but wat's there to think so much abt the shoes..main toh raj ek hi sandal pehen k aata hoon :P
coz wo bahut comfy hai :P

Amrita said...

DD :- Shoessssssss ah! u wont understand :) the charm associated with them :)

Rachana said...

I wish I had the kind of motivation that u have for gyming..I make resolution to break them..:(..Goood to see u write after a loooooooooooooooooooooong time...again a great read,
I envy ur particular style of making blog a funny satish said..I loved this line
"but then with tyres and radials shaping up" .
I guess girls are much alike not alike as well...I was also brooding sometime back abt not having a decent footwear.I am peace now:DD..
good post...keep it up:)

Renu said...

Nice post, to me also matching shoes are necessary:)
Special occasions are meant to be enjoyed:) they dont come again.

Ashma said...

hey gr8 yaar.. finally u joined the gym.. knew u were missing it a lot.. wish i had a little stronger will too..

Red Soul said...


Shylaja Muralidharan said...

mil is really lucky to have u!!!!

Amrita said...

@Rachana - well this time i also took longgggggggggggg to get the motivation bac
@Renu - Cos of the hype given to spl occasions many times i feel we end up bein disappointed while a normal general day seems so much more charmin.. neways take each day as it comes :) thats my mantra
@Ashu- no comments :) i kno u better :)

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