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As you like it

There have been so many posts on similar lines that I left the name of the title to be decided by the reader.

Any one who has as much as put a toe nail in Chennai will surely mention this feature of the city - the auto rickshaw drivers. And I have set up my home here - how would I not pay my homage to a credo of this city.

On a working day I commute using auto rickshaws. Now for the first one month, each day was full of suspense as to which auto I would take, how would the driver be, how much would I end up eking out. There were many options available to me - namely - picking up an/any auto plying on the road after stepping out of the house. Since the drivers could read "alien" written on my forehead in Comic sans font, they would spell the most atrocious, humongous amount their brain could imagine at that moment. I would give a look of utter disgust/amusement/surprise/anger and many more depending on my frame of mind at that juncture. Then after quite a bit of haggling and wa…

Deeps's Tag

1.Last movie you saw in a theatre?
Hmmmmmmm I think its 10,000 BC :(

2.What book are you reading?
Ice Candy Man

3.Favourite board game?

4.Favourite magazine?
Anything lying in the salon. I aint much of a mag fan

5.Favourite smell?
Davidoff Coolwater :) :) :)

6.Favourite sound?
Mebbe the ringtone of my cell phone :)
I also like the sound of a fan starting up when the power comes back after a cut :) It fills me with divine happiness

7.Worst feeling ever?

8.What is the first thing you think when you wake up?
Damn! Its morning alraeady????

9.Favourite fast food place?
At my home town, the place called Market Building

10.Future child's name?
If its a guy Kanishka
Beti ka naam socha nehi but A se kuch rakhenge :)

11.Finish this sentence " if i had a lot of money i'd..."
Invest some spend the rest :)

12.Do you drive fast?

13.Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?
I am allergic to fur. :|

14.Storm cool or scary?

15.What was your first car?


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8 things I am passionate about...

1. Writing
2. My wardrobe
3. Cleanliness
4. Exercising
5. Books
6. My independence
7. My career
8. My education

8 things I want to do before I die...

1. Own a big independent house
2. Be self employed
3. Step on atleast all the continents of the world
4. Write a book
5. Be on the front page of the newspapers for one day atleast :D
6. Take my parents on a world tour
7. Have a library of my own
8. Die looking just the same (I know skin will be wrinkled and all but I dont want to be a fat corpse for sure :S )

8 things I say often...(Thats 8 fold version of my own tag in the 2nd blog)

1) Awesome
2) Kewl
3) What the hell
4) Morrrrrrrron
5) Argh!
6) Oye
7) Chill
8) Fine No probs

8 books I last read
(Marriage has decelerated my reading pace for sureeeeee sniff sniff)

1. The glass palace
2. The Japanese wife
3. Many lives many masters
4. For one more day
5. The memory keepers daughter
6. Water
7. How starbucks saved my life
8. The Ice candy man (Currently reading)

8 songs I could listen to ov…

Some Day!

Well.. Today I just had to write this post. Morning I was feeling so strongly about this issue that I decided no matter how much the work load, no matter what the deadline, no matter what is my state of mind, I will write this post.

First of all, commuting was problem number 1 for me. Work arounds were galore. But for me, travelling comfortably is of vital importance. No matter what, I should travel in utmost comfort, at any cost. And I am shelling out some Rs 200 per day for commuting. If we consider 20 working days per month this comes to Rs 4000 only. And per year ahem ahem a wooping 48K. People might find the numbers eye popping. But I have decided to turn a deaf ear to what others have to say. For me, I dont want to reach office drenched in sweat neither to I want to reach home pissed off because of travel. So better invest this money for peace of mind.

Anyways the mathematics of my travel cost has motivated me to lay 2009 July as the milestone date for owning a car. Amen.

Now for p…

Woman of the house

Its been close to a week, and I have been the woman of the house in the true sense of the term.
My mom in law has been with my sis in law in the hospital since the past 2 weeks. My sis in law delivered a cutsu baby girl on the 29th of April( A Taurean baby :D :D )

So for the past 2 weeks, the reins of the house have been in my hands.

Morning I wake up with K at 0530 hours pronto for the gym which we go from 0600 hours to 0700 hours.

After that its a scurry of activity for me once I am home. I prepare something for lunch. Usually I cook the curry the night before since in the morning I have time just to make the rotis. Stupid K leaves the house at 0810 hours pronto. That has me all huffing and panting to get his lunch ready. And simulataneously, I prepare my morning cuppa and gulp it down in intervals.

After the lunch is ready, I get on with the breaker. (Now I am getting a tad hyper by calling it making breaker.) I have been feeding poor K on bread all the while. Its some sandwich or …