Monday, January 5, 2009

Whoopie weekend morose monday

The weekend that went by was awesome by all standards. Touchwood.

Saturday started on a happy note as mil went by to an ashram on the outskirts of Chennai. I dropped her at the bus terminus where she was picked up by her friend. Since she was all pepped up for the trip, it made me very glad first thing in the morning.

Once back from my gym, I got some veggies from the local store - Jeera rice and peas masala with salad - thats what K and I had decided upon. So I picked the veggies, came home, got our cuppa ginger tea ready and got on with the cooking after having put the tv in full bloom :) Simultaneously I also put the whole lot of the curtains of the bedrooms for wash and K went about killing the spiders in the cobwebs. Once done, we freshened up and got eating while watching the movie Lock stock and 2 smoking barrels.

Mid way through the movie, we thought, it would be better to get some grocery stuff else mil would be all harried over the weekdays. On the way we also had to give a picture of Ashtalakshmi for framing. The shop where we gave it, had an array of full length mirrors as well. And one of them had exactly the same wood color as our bed. We both thought, it was too good to be missed and went ahead to purchase it. It was serendipity, finding that beautiful piece and that too when we least expected it.

Once back, we finished the movie, went for some more chores in the evening, then I went on with making dinner for the 3 of us while Raghu and Rajiv made the wannabe roadies pass through hell right here in India before they could go down under :D. Mil came in 2000ish closely followed by the carpenter who would fix the portrait as well as the mirror. Both looked stunning on the wall they adorned (Lately I feel, I have developed a fetish for furniture :S Have bought 2 beautifull double beds, one mirror, and have my eyes on an equally dazzling shoe rack! :S )

Dinner done, we were casually flicking channels, and 3 of us ended up watching Zodiaz till 2330.

Sunday was equally fulfilling with elaborate cooking, eating,, resting and a trip to the beach. K managed to catch up with an old friend, which made his day. We were able to wrap up soon as I was expecting a really nice start to the week ahead.

But but but morning I woke all dazed :( Did not feel awake at all for a longggggg time. And every single thing I took up, did not work out. And the most brutal being the fact that yet again yet another shoe went kaput :(

I hate mondays - as much as garfield does.


Abhishek Khanna said...

u also garfield fan?

I remember a quote by some great man i think
"Monday is an awful way to waste 1/7 part of your life

niceguy251 said...


Nice to know you enjoyed your weekend doing household chores as well as selecting things of your liking. May you both always have such pleasent time. Mondays, yes one does get little cheesed off. Hope you did not slip with shoe problem this time.

Take care

Piper .. said...

aww.. dont worry, the weekend shall be here again! :)

Satish (a.k.a) Bhaashaa said...

Monday morning blues is actually a syndrome which has affected 65% of the world population and the rest of them or either babies or home makers or retired people :) I wish I cud join that retired ppl list very soon :-)

Amrita said...

@Abhi - Garfield rocksssssssssssss
@niceguy - thanks a lot.... ur words felt like blessings from an elder. thank u very much
@Piper - haan waiting for tht
@Satish-well i think it shd be affecting home makers also.. imagine scurryin after tiffin boxes of kids and partners.... after a lazy weekend

τ ħ€ ĐάЎđяёάmёя said...

oh maa gar sweet

kabhi kabhi mere mann mein yeh khyal aat ahai ki monday banaya gya hai ragadne k liye x-(

monday ko marooooooooooooooo

Renu said...

wow, such an ideal weekend,my idea of a best weekend, I loved the details,I have seen most of the working people dislike Mondays, but me being a housewife love it:), a new week, and something to do all over again:)

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

zodiac was pretty intriguing .
sundays are what we leart as kids - fundays :)

& mondays are just workdays :)

Nitin said...

Shoe Quality check se pass nahin hua tha ki.... usper load uski load bearing capacity se zyaada hogaya .... ;)

Shylu said...

We'll never get rid of this! :-)

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