Sunday, August 9, 2009

Weekend Musings

The life of a software professional is from one weekend to the next. And the weekend which went by, 1st and 2nd of August to be precise was a pretty tumultuous for me.

Now let me build the background a bit before I leave my readers completely bamboozled. I think there is one unsolved mystery which could make it to atleast one of the many freak shows on tv. And that is of married women putting on weight out of no reason at all. My friend A and I spend a good amount of time mulling over this life and confidence altering fact. :( We are just not able to figure out, why inspite of everything remaining same, just having a life partner makes the body's equation with calories go berserk. I am more on the utterly critical side, cos I hit the gym regularly, do cardio, pump weights and all I get in return is reflection which shows tyres. Come on now, how pathetic is that!!?? :( As a consequence, except for one pair of jeans, I was weaned of all my western wear and am surviving on the same, boring, repetitive wardrobe of kurtas :(

But last weekend, I pumped up by my mom whose words, confident is what confident does went the bold way and decided, I am ready to accept this new me which looks more like the Michelin Man. K was highly supportive and we ventured on the highly ardous journey of getting me a new wardrobe of western wear. 4.5 hours spent in Spencer's Plaza ( allegedly a mall which sports 'most' of the brands) and I resulted in a naught in the western wear section and got 2 more kurtas... bwaaaaa (who wanted more kurtaaaasss boooo hoooo ) I was devastated. The size which would fit me, did nt have the colors I wanted. The colors I wanted teased me for being the size I was in. It was a diabolical smirk of fate.

In spite of all the pep talk from K about me getting back to my previous size thanks to my 'regular' and 'rigorous' and 'religious' gym routine - I felt dejected. I was switching between unsurmountable wrath to unfathomable grief. After a point, K lost his patience, and washed his hands off the entire affair. I tried many things to revive my spirits, but even ginger tea did not work that day.

Thats when my mom called up. First I thought, I could spare her the grotesque details of the day, but then me being me, had to off load everything to my darling mom. And she being she, gave the most bizzare idea - "Go to Bangalore for shopping, that place has better choices" Ahem! well, not infeasible, but is nt it carrying the whole thing a bit too far? Just for a new wardrobe am I supposed to travel to another state? None the less, the girl talk and the irrelevant planning of where all I could shop there, give bring the smile back :D. I casually mentioned it to K, and he said "Why not??" Ahem ahem.... are pigs flying??? He stated, we could meet a lot of relatives and generally roam around too - Bangalore being a place which sparked our 'romance' holds a special place for both of us. So we are all set to travel to Bangalore the Independence Day weekend. I would also get to meet my kiddo sis and a whole lot of friends and relatives.

If fate turns out my way, I will be back with some chic clothes too. Keeping my fingers crossed.


(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

its interesting how weight issues effect a female's life. I am glad you have a supportive husband.

Keep us posted about the wardrobe :-)

Satish Nagasubramaniam said...

OMG!!! Don't tell me you and K are here over the Indi weekend :((, I am off to Chennai that time. What a misss. You folks should have consulted me before deciding ;-)))

Well, there is a ocean of discount sales that are happening in every nook and corner of Bangalore. Try Brand Factory in Marathalli, Garuda Mall, Bangalore Central and FORUM of course. You name a brand, they have a flat 40% sale. Just come and grab em' all ...

But still, I feel, you should have consulted me before your trip on my availability, you promised me that you will say Hiiii to me when you come here next time ;(((

Chan said...

I guess this is an emotional way of making "K" spend for your shopping :-P

Piper .. said...

:):) happy shopping!!!!!!! I so understand your plight!! I go through it everyday myself!! :):)

Ekta said...

awww...well all the best girl!
I hope u get loads of chic and hip clothes...that make u feel like a queen!!
happy shopping!!

Jack said...


It is known fact that physical appearances of both man and woman generally changes in the first few years of marriage. I will not delve into reasons but something to do with harmones and eating habits. Continue with your regular exercise and walk as much as you can or climb stairs whenever you can. This will stablise it. Enjoy your Banglore trip. Do give my love to your kid sister. Best of luck for wardrobe.

Take care

Abhishek Khanna said...

so hw ws ur trip

Renu said...

Wt. problem is not only with women, its men also who always gain after marriage:), my H changed his full wardrobe after one year, but then he stayed that way, on the otherside me started gaining only after 40:)

Happy shopping in Banglore, and then tell us where did u get the ebst?

Reflections said...

I want to start my comment off with a hehe but it hit rather close to my problems in life:-( so I'm just going to sympathize.
In any case it looks like u got wht u wanted ie judging by ur latest post:-))

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