Saturday, September 5, 2009

Stolen Moments

Time management is one of the most common classes in our office. Time and again we keep receiving emails for yet another time management course and as habit, I drag to the trash folder :) But time management is one thing any one needs heavily.

Many a times I feel, K and I hardly have time for each other. I rise around 0630 and attend to the chores in the kitchen. After an hour and a half, when I am done with my duties, and ready for the gym, K wakes up. He is around in the house for an hour or so when he gets ready for office and packs the lunches. By the time hes ready to leave for office, I come back from the gym and have a 40 minute window to get ready for work. Evenings are equally crammed. Some days in case hes early ( which is a big rarity, I get caught up in something. ) Even if I am early, many a times I have some pending tasks which I cater to from home. Else he gets immersed in preparing for a certification he is planning to write. I do not complain about this, cos this is life, but then when we cross each other passing by (he starting for office and me returning from gym or he hitting the bed while I am on with some work, he with his mug of coffee while I am starting to the gym etc) we kinda miss each other. But its good in a way because every time we are together, we relish those precious times.

Like last weekend. We ventured out just for the heck of it in a bus to a land far far away for a haricut :) Yep we chose to travel some 20 odd kilometers while people do come to some salons in our area for a nice hairdo. And fate had it such, the main person (the "Billoo Barber " we had heard a lot about and gone to see ) was missing from the salon that day and we had to make just a round trip. On the return we got famished and had an amazing Chettinadu meal!! We were soooo full, we decided to do our tummies a favor and walked back the entire 4 km stretch back home. We chit chatted, and discussed so many things - my opinion about his friends, his childhood days, my memories of our time in Papas government quarters and so many other things we rarely talk about. The walk from the hotel to our home, is something we both will cherish for a very very long time.

And the next day I did something I had never done before - I invited 2 of his friends for dinner. I always have fond memories of mom hosting a lot of get togethers for dads friends and their families. I was a tongue tied ungainly teenager then and remember being very quiet. My feisty sister was an epitome of cuteness and quietness too. I remember one of dad friends ask her one question after another to get more than a monosyllable as an answer. But none the less as I look back, those days were idyllic with all the elaborate cookings and choosing the best dress to wear and tidying up the house (rather pushing all clutter behind the cupboards :) ) Last sunday when we hosted K's friends, I could understand how happy my mom might have felt going through all the pain of cooking, arranging and later even cleaning. Post that, as we both were sipping the Coca cola, K got talking about some of his wishes and random aspirations. We were discussing them, as if they were events about to take place in the coming week and were charting the plan of action for absolutely hypothetical scenarios. Do not remember how time passed by, but I do remember feeling very satisfied after that long drawn conversation. :)

Luckily fate gave us another chance to steal some precious moments last Thursday. K and my workplace are in the middle of no where and both the no wheres lie diametrically opposite to each other (@!%^@!$!) But Thursday, K had to come in the direction of my office to meet a team mate of his whose father had expired. We both decided to return home together. Once K reached my office, we had snacks together. It was more just to be together rather than out of hunger. Just as we started for home, it started pouring. And we shared one umbrella and came home drenched. I hate the journeys in share autos I undertake every day . Its like smoking a cigarette, each one takes 5 minutes of happiness from my life :( The days it rains when I am commuting, I hate it even more - much much more. But for the first time since I joined my office, I liked the journey back home. It felt like good old times in Bangalore where our love more or less blossomed in one fated auto trip where K gave me his shoulder to rest upon *blushes*. Once home, we had yummy mil made pasta and yummy me made masala tea and the soporific sound of rain drops dancing on the balcony in the background. It was bliss, I felt happy to be where I was - with a loving friend ( I still do not look upon K as a husband :) ) and an mil who adds a unique angle of wise support to our domesticity.

I am not sure when again I might get such pleasant moments with K. Maybe they should have a course on "personal time" management course for people who work in God forsaken work places and have a lot of personal hobbies and interests to accommodate and who .........the list just does nt end here :) (I should start working on designing such a course maybe :D )


Abhishek Khanna said...

Beautiful moments.. :-)

and when u design such a course.. do send it to my office also.. :D

Chan said...

Personal Time Management - How true!!! That's a nice mushy post that's nicely related to the topic...excellent!

Satish Nagasubramaniam said...

Time is one factor which cannot be planned to perfection, whatever we may plan, but meeting the deadline is not in our hands :)

Bifurcation of professional and personal time is very subtle and it would take a lot of time to understand how do we tear them apart.

Renu said...

Amrita, your posts fill me with so much of positive energy, I just love them. Your love for K makes me so happy.....I want the girls to be like you, a girl who works hard and loves her people.

Jack said...


Make the best of time you get. These are the fond memories you both will cherish in the coming years. May God bless you both with lots of happiness always.

Take care

Manisha Patnaik said...

Very True and honest post!!!
Its always hard these days to spend time with each other, but finding ways to make the best out of the time is really special... U and K share the same thoughts!!! Hope you both have more good and mushy mushy times ahead :-)

Ashma said...

Simply loved the post.. one of ur best ones.. :)

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

very nicely written i could imagine you too :)
nice to be back on your blog :)

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

I am glad you realize that. I suppose you guys can figure something out to spend more time with each other. I know one of my friends who is married and has three little kids, calls Thursday night "date night"-- Both she and her husband never schedule anything for thursdays. They go home and it is their time to spend with each other--some times they plan activities and sometimes they just chill, talk and watch tv together. She told me that it was wonderful that they have started doing because otherwise with jobs and kids their were becoming strangers living in one house :-)

abhi said...

Yup your post is excellent

Piper .. said...

Ohh Amrita, what a warm post! I`m sorry for the delayed response! Was off the internet.
This post so touched a chord. The most romantic moment pbly was the walk in the rain,sharing an umbrella! :):) I havent ever done it. The G is too prim and proper to ever go out in the rain without TWO umbrellas :(:( Maybe I should make him read this :)

Renu said...

Where are you ? no post for a long time?

Bindhu B said...

Nice post .. it was a like someone reading my mind ..:) there is so much happiness in small things in life which we really miss.. esp. after having a kid , the husband and wife don't even realize that they don't spend much time together .. time management is the keyword
Keep Posting ..


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