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Has been quite some time since I updated my blog. There was nothing of importance which made me think or pen down my thoughts. But there sure were some or other stuff happening. All the time I used to think, I have to write this in my blog, I have to write that in my blog. And so here are the thiss' and thats' :)

  • We got a car. Yea finally. Its an Indica vista gala red hottie :) It was the end of a long drawn search. I don't think there was any brand we left in the small car segment. There was a lot of perusal of online reviews, motoring sites and consultation with people with experience. Ultimately we settled down for this make which promises to "change everything" - cos this is the one which fitted K's obnoxiously long legs. It had everything we wanted - more or less a 5 seater, with steering height adjustment, enough space so that even after K has pushed the driver's seat, there is enough space for people in the rear, good stable structure and decent mileage. Yea we were advised against the buy with the most heard suggestion being - its more of a taxi car. But then our counter was - if something is so popular for commercial use, it should be a more than safe bet for personal use. And yea - I did look longingly at the tubby Maruti Swift (it did not give much driver space for K), K did wish i10 was a bit bigger (it more or less a 4 seater car) and we both gave a Chevy Spark a miss for the same reason (it being a 4 seater). But now this thing is for the keeps, while we both are on fine tuning our driving in traffic.
  • My sister made a trip to Chennai and boy was it great. She was here for a day, but the girls day out with her was simply amazing. One full day was spent in shopping and loitering around. When we both get together we don't just shop, we splurge. That's what we did this time around too. We scouted the entire Spencer Plaza and enhanced our wardrobe as well as shoe rack :) Ah! The joys of spending :D
  • A friend of mine made a monumental move in her life, a move to move on to family mode. She did it after a lot of struggle and strife. But end of day her determination prevailed and she moved on. She and I share the same sun sign, so inherently we have somehow understood each other. And I completely understood the step she took, for the one she loved and I wish the best of all for her new life ahead. But with her being gone, one of my tightest bonds with one of the cities I love the most, has been severed :(
  • Just 2 more months to go for the year to end, I am kind of in a reminiscent as well as planning mode. Hope everything I know and wish as well as everything unknown but destined happens for the good.


Shylu said… wishes on the new car!!
Woww, New car!!! May this new car bring you and your family all the good omens along with immense peace of mind. Happy riding!!!
Renu said…
What a coincidence..even my latest post has the same heading !..and congrats for the new car! Even I like Indica very much.
Swetha Guptha said…
Congrats!! Drive safe and be safe!
Chan said…
Congrats!! "for the new car, for shopping & for your friend too"
Amrita said…
Shylu, Satish, Chan and Swetha - thanks so muccch
Renu - Sagis dont need to talk :D
Shallu Goyal said…
congratss..:)) i just luv red color..woww..:)
Abhishek Khanna said…
yippie!! I love indica for its weight and stability in the rough and fast drives.. good choice i must say.
Amrita said…
@Shallu -Sagis again :D :D
@Abhishek - Coming from the furobiker it does mean a lot... thanks for seconding our choice :)
Chitra said… uh? :D
ahan new car and loads of shopping..someone is having a goodtime :D
Amrita said…
@Chitra - red my favie fav :)
@DD - hey u after a longggggggggg time :) good to see u here... keep dropping by
Shalom said…
Congrats on the new car dear!!!
manishapatnaik said…
Am late in this..But Still Congrats from my side too..!! :-)
Drive Safe..!!!
hiiii , :)

new car?? arre wah ! :)taxi car-war kuch nahi hota, car to bas apna hota hai.
your shoe spending reminded me of another one of your post long time back jisme aapka shoe fat gaya tha. ;)

what's your rashee?
Amrita said…
@Manisha - Thanks :D
@Amy - Rasheee--- sagi.. whats urs?
Reflections said…
Wow ur car sounds good...seriously, leg space is sooo necessary otherwise it gets umcomfy within no time.


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