Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Taggity tag by Shylu

Shylu tagged me with a real special one. This is how it goes..

1.A writeup on a kind gesture that someone had done for you which left you speechless
Yes there is one person whom I am indebted to for the kind of support she has given to me. Let me call her S. She was my roomie in Kolkatta where I started my professional career with more lows than highs. Every single thing was wrong including the Vaastu of the place I stayed in. And the only good thing there was dear S. I dunno what made her trust me so much and help me so much over a period of just 5 days. Yes in 5 days time, she was helping me with my studies ( I was preparing for IAS exams then :( A long lost dream :( ) , tending to my eating and also helping me with my work. She was helping me not only in doing the same so that I could get home quick and resume studies but also advising me on steps to take. I am not sure, I have been mothered by no one else but my mom. I usually put up a very independent and stoic stand though I might be weak kneed. Yet I allowed her to take care of me and guide me. Undoubtedly when she took a transfer to Hyd I was devastated. But our relationship continued beyond that. She was there helping me inspite of the distances, travelling long hours to be with me when I attended couple of interviews. She was like a family member..... I truly will be never be able to repay you lh. Her kindness still has me speechless......

2.Indebted to someone lifelong..who??
Who else but my mom. I cannot thank her enough for being what she has been to me - as I keep saying, she is the air that I breathe. She has been my role model ever since I remember maybe. I always wanted to be someone like her. As I grew I did see lapses in her, and improved on them myself. But the best thing I always owe to her is her listening. She always listens to me and understands me. I believe many a times when I jabber on about work, about technical stuffs (trust me I do talk to her about resource crunch and estimation flaws) and about emotional upheavals - she listens. She listens to no matter what I am talking about. And because she listens, she understands and then she supports and advises me. I cannot say in enough words how much she has motivated me constantly. I truly am indebted to her for this one life and many more.

3.Want to say "sorry" to someone..who???
There are many - :) I am sometimes rough in my speech many a times. As I keep saying, I am frank to the extent of being rude. I am strongly opinionated. On top of that I have this quirk to assert my opinion. ( I try to get rid of this - opinion hai to apne paas rakho na. But no - I will voice it aloud!! ) So many a times I have blurted rude facts and am sure I must have hurt a lot of people.

4.Want to say "thank you" to someone ..who??
Thank you - hmmm - this is such a difficult question. There are so many people again I would like to say thank you to...I do keep saying thank you to people all the time. But if I make it like an Oscar receiving speech brace yourself. I would so like to thank Mrs Sharada Chadha who inculcated my love for English - the language way back in school. My uncle - we call him Rocks mama :) for inadvertently instilling in me the voracious reader that I am. Hes a role model, an elder brother I do not have but will never miss having either. Vinnie in college for being the splendid agony aunt she was to me during my NIT days - pity we are hardly in touch with each other now :( Preeti - to whose guidance I owe my first job to - she helped me retain my sanity during those crazy "campus" times where everyone and his brother was going nuts. My manager during my stint in Hyd - he taught me how to "lead" rather than "manage". A boss par excellence. And dear FB - a high grade techo who taught me how to "work" with "passion". I dont have a job which just gives me a living, I enjoy what I do. I owe a lot to what FB taught me - though he taught from a purest of the pure technical perspective, his humanity shone through. Kudos to you. Shylu - you must be repenting asking me this question hai na? This is what happens if you get me started :)

5.And whats your most cherished possession till date??
I will sound very very very materialistic when I say this - but my most cherished possession is my car. Yea - it was always a dream for me. To drive - gives me such a liberated feeling. No haggling with @!#!%$@%# auto drivers. It is not a luxury for me, it is something I always felt I need. We as a family of 3 can travel any where we want without depending on anyone else. If there are guests, there is no need to plan the logistics for going around. Things are so much in place. And being one thing I coaxed out entirely out of my own earnings, I have a very special attachment to it.

6.A special moment in life which brings along a smile every time you think of it.
This is a very tricky question. It should be a special moment, but then it should bring a smile everytime I think of it. I should say it was the span at Delhi with my close friends A and B. It was my first taste of independence, travelling alone, "working" and seeing friendship from a whole new angle. And also the first time we thought we were in love :) Brings a smile when I think how silly we were. We were mature enough not to fall for the school crushes and college interests, but there we drooling over intellect and grave personalities. I still remember how A and I used to sit in the park and get all serious and philosophical munching a packet of Lays :) I did mention in my last post, how we cried the day we were leaving the place :D The age of innocence, thats what it was.

Ab meri baari to tag a few folks : -

and Shylu (you should have done it first!)


Satish N said...

A straight from the heart tag. It is so touching to see the way you have written abt your mom, simply awesome. Oh yeah, mom's are always special. Excellent post. Thanks to Shylu for giving us an opportunity to do this.

Anonymous said...

Did it!

Renu said...

lovely tag, and we are twin answers are somewhere going to be same and somewhere they might make trouble also:)

I have a few old tags pending, now I am taking one by one, so please bear with me:)

Abhishek Khanna said...

i like point 3.. there are only so few people in this world with a self opinion.. rest are just parasites.. so be what you are
and ofcourse point 5.. for obvious reasons

Reflections said...

Enjoyed reading ur tag Amrita, u have this way of its straight from the heart:-)

Jack said...


From the heart. And you did not spare me. I will take it up a s a p. I could not copy it to enable me to give my write up, so I will have to note down and then type.

Take care

Shylu said...

Thanks for doing it!!!

Hm..i have never found u fact have noticed that u never tend to hurt anybody!!

Same pinch on (4).i too would go on and on. :-)

And i know the vehicle was a long planned one and happened quite late and of course ought to be a cherished one.

And i had been lazy to do the tag myself,but now it seems there is no way i can escape!! :-)

Nicely done..

Anonymous said...

Very nice.

Piper .. said...

strange.. I thought I had already commented on this post. I came back to see your reply. Looks like I havent.
Yet another post straight from the heart, Amrita! Loved reading it.
And you dont sound materialistic at all. On the contrary, when you talk about your car, you sound so completely honest and innocent :) Hugs

Deeps said...

You touched a chord in my heart with this beautiful post,Amrita. I loved the way you wrote about your bonding with your mom. I could relate to every bit of what you said.

Thanks a ton for tagging me. Will take it up for sure when I'm back in Doha.
So sorry for coming here late,Amrita...I'm completely off blogging these days :(. I'm purposely staying away from it as I knw my holiday will be in doldrums if I allow myself to get glued to the net :D :D .

Chitra said...

The age of innocence learn to unlearn :-)! Good post... :-)!

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