Monday, January 3, 2011

I also have the same question

So how was New Year?? Yea its already 3 days old, but then, it remains new for the whole month of January. Does nt it? Yes it does!! 

Well I will return the favour first by answering the question myself. We had some shopping to do cos there were folks we were calling over, so the evening started with crazy grocery buying. By the time we came out of the departmental store, my super-sharp-shopping-vision caught the four letter word every girl loves (Come on don't start thinking dirty now, bad people) It was SALE. Yessssssshhhhhhhhh, then which force on earth could stop me from dragging my bedraggled kaam ka maara thaka haara husband to the shop. But surprise surprise, I first spotted something for him! And it fitted him to the T, so we crossed the moat safely. Now MY turn. And I saw something along the similar lines(they are calling them 'boy friend' shirts. Huh. ) And surprise surprise number 2, K liked it and I bought it per K's choice! (Now people with a partner will nod their heads approvingly that this is a miracle. The lady never buys what the bloke suggests :P. Rather  its a mild elimination process, what the guy chooses must not be bought :D ) But I not only bought it, I bought it without trying it on! I was sure cos K liked it, it would fit me. (Such a story of true tyaag and balidaan is the material for the next Romeo Juliet stuff aint it? )

Then the eve was flooded with making calls :) Yes, New Year is a religion among my family and friends. So mom, sis first ( Dad celebrated New Year to the hilt with a peg ;) and was fast asleep by then ), then grandmama, aunties and the friends. Since, I am super senti about New Year, I got ready with making a sweet dish, while K watched some slasher with lots and lots and lots of blood. I wasnt game for such stomach churning and retired with a lovely collection by Graham Greene called May we borrow your husband (Again a must must must read ). When the clock struck 12, did my small prayer with the new shirt on, and waited for the sunrise of a new year. 

01/01/11 started top notch with some usual calls, and then a long tread to a city centre just for the heck of it and psst.. if possible do some shopping) End of day, I was one attire richer and had a good solid walk with K. It was a simple but lovely start. Sunday was the day when we had invited K's manager for dinner (I have brutalised all the folks from K's team with my cooking and their family was the only one pending). While Sunday mostly went in cooking and cleaning the house, and some real hard core racing on the Wii, what was truly endearing was the time in the evening. My simple recipes were savoured by our guests, there was a bit of the demo of the Wii and the best part was the lovely conversation that flew. It was not a fiasco like this and we had no idea how close to 4 hours flew just like that. I will always cherish the evenings as one of the most warm ones! 

Today a really peppy sun shines as people pull themselves out of holiday hangover and march to office. Good luck to all for a gorgeous new year with things that ones heart wills. I know Ashu moved to their OWN house (wow amazing feeling eh?) and Roomie dear moved in some anticipation of stability. Hope inspite of the initial dislocations, this year is a gift which brings satisfaction. 

Will leave with some disturbing images of chilli paneer, matar ke parathe and kheer. Not suitable for ravenous foodies. Viewer discretion advised.

(Main apne hi khane ka kitna build up de rahi hoon. Whatever happened to humility :D)


Abhishek Khanna said...

ye sare shaadi shuda couples ki new year story ekdum same to same lagti hai mujhe :D :D :D

Thank god for bachelorhood :D

Glimpse of my new year eve - daru, fireworks, club, dance, casino, 6am pizza hunting :D

Shylu said...

Happy New Year!!!

Renu said...

Wish you a very happy and prosperous New year!!!

food specially kheer looks so yummy..aur tyaag balidaan to mujh se poocho..all my life I have bought what the bloke liked:):) it lack of confidence or peace making in the house:)

Anonymous said...

Glad to know you had such a memorable new year. I'm drooling at those pictures of chilli panner and matar-ke-paranthe!

sm said...

happy new year
tasty food

Raajii said...

Happy New Year!! The food looks yummy :-), and I like the new look :-).

I hope this year brings lots of hoy your way :-)

Ashma said...

is that the check shirt u bought..? its really nice.. :)

Btw the matar parantha looks yummy... :D

Amrita said...

yeap it is the blue shirt :)

Chitra said...

Mutter ke parathe? Yummmmm...they look soooooo gooo! How do you make them?

Jack said...


Read all pending posts. Hum Do wala was very hilarious and confusing too. I was so happy to read the title but am still hoping for the best news. That DOSA looked so tempting but so huge too. You are making me feel so jealous of your friends by posting photographs of your cooking.

Take care

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