Sunday, February 13, 2011

Just go with it

Furobiker ji asked, whos getting lucky this Valentine's day, and yea I got lucky over the weekend.

I was getting sick of the zillion plus one advertisements for Valentine's day. Add to it lots of pink balloons adorning the streets and pink hearts where ever your eye turns. To add salt and pepper to injury, even the library had all romantic books lined up in the many display section. I was like enough already. I had K, clocking close to 14 hours at work.

But then bhagwan ke ghar main der hai andher nehi. So the man who would not step out of his office before 2200, called me at 1700 asking if we could go for a movie!!I was like neki aur pooch pooch. Hell yaaa!!! Movieeee!! We chose the comedy Just go with it, my kinda movie - a no brainer but funny. But before the movie started we had 2 hours to kill. So we just went with the flow, window shopped for games, for clothes, and then a light drizzle made us stop at Statbucks. The time with him, was typical, with K still cuddling his brand new HTC desire, while I cuddling the Cafe Mocha. (Is nt that what comfortable companionship is all about). I would give my right arm for more moments like that :) 

Saturday was a heavy lunch followed by - shopping!! I was able to grab some shirts in a sale, which came close to 50% cheaper. Then got some creams and lotions again at a Valentine's discount. That was followed by K being able to grab some Italian shoes. What ensued was some glorious time at the salon getting some tlc for the hair. We were ready to call it a day, but then K treated me to a lovely sub sandwich ( we have fallen in love with them!). I could not have asked for a better Valentine's weekend -  walking in the rain, silently holding hands, shopping for what the other person loves -  it could nt have been any better. Touchwood! And happy Valentine's day  to all!

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The Furobiker said...

touchwood! and wish you millions of such awesome Vday's together!

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