Thursday, February 17, 2011

When a man loves a woman

Are we supposed to be done with feeling in love and all? No right? I think we have to be lovey dovey the entire month, eh? 

But it ever so happens that I loose it sometimes somewhere in the beginning of the year. I just allow myself to be thrown off the track. This time it happened on the day following Valentine's day. Something minor happened, but me being all Sherlock Holmes, took it way too seriously.  ( Roomie dear, you know each excruciating detail). So I let my drinking habit kick in (Yes people I confess I have a drinking problem. When sad, I don't revive myself with the normal happy stuff like mindless movies or silly sitcoms. I go to a big mug of ginger tea. And I keep on drinking :D ) I don't feel a lot better, I feel bloated, I feel as if there is acid building in my digestive system and I sit on the banks of the river called guilt thinking about the sugar (=calories) I took in with the mugs of tea. 

Its a slippery slope friends. I know anyone with a drinking problem will vouch for it (or for that matter anyone with a chocolate addiction) So Tuesday night I retired to bed way too early (inspite of the gallons of tea) . And when I woke in the morning, K had the whole house arranged, all the dishes washed and even cute post its for me. He took the day off and we spent all the time having a How I Met Your Mother marathon and eating lots of ice cream and the cakes. I did not budge as the local pizza joint had our dinner ready. It was entirely K's show with him doing all the stuff from choosing the pizza, fetching the stuff, getting it re-heated and also cleaning up.  

Today as I slowly limped back to normalcy (its back to 2 mugs per day, the mugs have to become decent civilised sized ones, the one I am using currently is more like a beer mug),life looks a bit better. I would want some more sunshine God. But till then Thank You Chubby God for one person who has held me through and just stood by, unquestioning, just the right amount of sugar and just the right amount of spice. Bebe you rock :D

1. I love the movie When a man loves a woman - makes me go Awww... and cringe with a feeling of love. Yes even an un-romantic person like me
2. While I was writing this post, I had this song going on, completely situational. Yea, tumse hi tumse har baat hai!
3. Promise completely up beat and non - senti post next time. 


The Furobiker said...

chai in a beer mug! :D beer gods and chai gods both are watching you!

Btw me too a chai fanboy! Add ginger, kali mirch and it gives me more happiness than absinthe

On a different note, i think its the lack of sunshine, which causes a depressing feeling. I havent seen sun in like ages and i am so grumpy these days!

Vibha said...

Lovely. Its so nice when someone cares for you when you are down. Sorry for barging in like this though. I couldn't help commenting on this. :)

Amrita said...

Vibha- keep coming by, you are most welcome here!

RAHUL: The Weakest Point is Love said...

Ummm...I am speechless after this wonderful post...It really feels secure when you find someone caring'f u.I'd the same feeling when I found one. Appreciated!:-)
I think I've lost my heart somewhere inside ur space...Oh Gosh!.. pls return it to me if u find it @

Jack said...


Read 3 posts now. I agree with you that MD has not only grace but manners as well as brains too. I also second you on being clean in all aspects when you are famous. May you have many many days like Valentine's Day. What made you get drunk so badly, if it is not too personal? Anyway all is well which ends well, isn't it?

Take care

Reflections said...

Feeling better I hope;-)!!!! Atleast mugs & mugs of chai wont make u put on weight, for me its chocolate;-/.

Renu said...

nice reading..once in a while its good to see the man pampering:).so much:)

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