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Sometimes I am amazed at how perceptive people are. Reflections said "U r really busy huh.....I've noticed tht most people dont blog all tht much when they r happy with whts happening in their life;-)". 
And truer words have not been said. Yes I am really busy.  And yes I am happy with what is happening in my life (Touchwood) Btw what is happening in my life??!! :S  NOTHING. :P
Yep, you heard it, nothing is happening. Its life as usual. I would love for lots of things to happen. Love to see some motion on my sis's work front. Love to see some action on my daily routine. And I do sometimes think about a lot of things. But then as a generally lazy friend of mine who is even lazy in thinking said, Zyada sochne se faisle kamzhor ho jaate hain. (Thinking a lot makes decisions weaker). So taking her cue, I am going to proceed on some ground breaking decisions. Keep watching this space :P
On second thoughts as long as the stream of life goes on without ripples, one should not c…

For the sake of filling some space

Its been way too long since I wrote a post, but then in true India TV style nothing sansanikhez was happening for me to write :( But then I thought, this blog is my space in the great big cyber world, to fill up with my thoughts (which I deem are very important and worthwhile :D ). So I will go ahead and scribble a whole lot of stuff which does not have much relevance :D.
Well first up, I get a very good feeling about this year. And in true morning shows the day fashion, January passed with celebrations of a new year.February had a very close friend take a big leap on the personal front. March had my oldest dearest friend finally getting a little bit of what she wanted - a big achievement on the professional front. April? Well didn't April rejuvenate every single India by having the beautiful Saturday the 2nd when India (and Sachin!!!) Finally LIFTED the ICC World Cup! Along with it came-Spring here. Sunshine - something I missed dearly. People also went ahead and bought flashy cars…