Friday, September 16, 2011

Whats wrong with me

I simply hate any form of precipitation. Rain, hail, snow - nothing agrees with me. I cannot fathom how people can go poetic over rain and cloudy weather. I see them as spirit dampners and as a major inconvenience.

But yesterday something really weird happened. I was walking back home from an errand and it started raining. It wasnt the normal drizzle which is so rampant in this part of the world. It was as if someone was pelting huge liquid stones. Then the intensity increased. It was nearly like a huge thunderstorm. People who were trying to save themselves from the rain, accepted who was the tougher contender. Wet passerbys exchanged smiles which said "Some rain mate!". It was first funny to watch people frantically tries to maintain their umbrellas against the gales. But then it seemed somewhat heart warming. I nearly let out an "Aww" at the fate of the flimsy umbrellas at the hands of the mighty winds. Even mine was being blown haywire and I had to hold on to the fringes of it.

Coincidentally I had some rain related Tam song on my ipod. I did not understand it, but somehow the feel of the song pepped me up. That was bizzare behaviour on my  part by any standards. As if to reward my happy approach towards something I have always regarded as disgusting, the sun shone all of a sudden. With the shining sun along with the torrential rains, there came - Yes a SPLENDID rainbow! I could not help but smile ear to ear at the sight of it!


Renu said...

I like rains, but only when I am home.I love watching rain with a book and a cuppa tea:)

The Furobiker said...

tenu pyar ho gaya hai ni kudiye..:D

Amrita said...

@Furobiker- hehe well said,and its about time ;)

Deeps said...

I love rains and rainbows! Lucky you!

Raphael said...

o my, im a rain-lover. in fact rain-fanatic even.

so hope u have finally started falling for the rain too!

came across ur blog during my blog-walk.

Jack said...


So finally the rains got you too. I feel so happy that you enjoyed and hope that you do so always.

Take care

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