Life has gotten me to a stage

  1. Where I do not fit into any of my clothes. So much so I have to rampage K's wardrobe to the extent that he runs out of stuff to wear
  2. I am not bothered about the waist - at all! In spite of not fitting into clothes (Imagine!!) And I keep gorging on humongous amounts of food. The food just keeps on coming and I am not complaining. 
  3. I was one who could sleep at a stretch for like 8 hours, but then its been forever since I slept at a stretch. I simply have to wake up at least twice at night :( I hate it but then there is no escaping. For some reason or other, to get into a comfortable position, to eat some more :D or simply to use the washroom - I HAVE to wake up. 
  4. I keep a tab on days, weeks, months like crazy! 


Shallu Goyal said…
luvvv uuuuuu....GOD BLESS..:)))) njoyyy the gr8 time dearie..!!
Raajii said…
oh my, are you pregnant? :-)
Renu said…
read good literature, feel good, best time to get the pampering....
The Furobiker said…
mubark ho kudiye!!!!

party party party! :D
Chitra said…
Ohoooooooooooooooo....congrats lady! Take utmost care of yourself! And keep having all the delicious food - someone is bound to appreciate it ;-)!

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