Sunday, November 6, 2011

End tak sab acha ho hi jaata hai

Disclaimer : Philo post ahead :P

The other day I was with a bunch of people who were reminiscing about days gone by and about India. I was going with the flow for sometime after which they lost me.

I am ok with musing about by-gone days. But then the optimist in me, somehow feels, things work out for the better not for worse. Don't they? In our childhood there are not much burdens to carry and studies and games make up life. There in untold fun in it but studies are utterly painful too ( Gosh I cannot fathom how I ploughed through all the huge chapters on Dravidian history and Indian Independence struggle! and I can never ever surmount entrance examinations) It works up to a joyous worklife. Deadlines are dreaded and Monday morning blues are a norm, but then the joy of splurging at a mall, being able to get something extra special for parents 25th wedding anniversary are things we can do only now. All leads up to getting married and setting a family. Its horrendous cleaning someone else's mess and having chores for additional people but then the sense of belonging is not something that cannot be done away. The stage of building one's nest and then seeing the young ones fly is tough work, but then don't they say, they are rocks in the river bed which give the river its song. The retirement phase might spell boredom for many, but then is'nt this the time to help the young ones grapple with their lives and catch up on all the wonderful reading in the world.

Maybe I sound annoyingly optimistic and maybe I am looking at the world through rose tinted glass which have an extra film of gloss for me. I do not deny that life is tough in each and every stage. But then I see more sense in seeing the good rather than the bad. I do understand the feeling of homesickness and ruing about life back in India, but I feel its healthier to enjoy the good at any place while the opportunity presents itself. Once back in the home-land, its time to savor the delights for it would mindless to wish for life else where then. Same goes for any situation and scenario, is nt it better to keep the good parts and forget the, er... not so good ones?


The Furobiker said...

couldnt agree with you more cherry jee..

1) people spend all their lives in india, thinking about going to foreign land, getting opportunity earning money n blah blah, and waste their lives getting jealous of the colleagues who get the opportunity to go out

2) When they go out, they start crying for their mommies and home cooked food!

arey bhai, jab jaha ho tab waha enjoy karo na! Everyone who works in MNCs these days will eventually spend some time outside india and some inside india..

savour the food, the weather and the surroundings instead of crying like 6 year olds :D

wont comment on your philosophy for life though.. too complicated :D

The Furobiker said...

accha anyways, how is your health and all now?

Was looking at your blogger profile couple of days back to drop you hi hello email, as i dont blog much these days (and same with you :P ) but couldnt find it anywhere.. phew

Renu said...

like a true Saggi:)..eternal optimism..but this trait keeps us going all the way:)

Amrita said...

@Furobiker and Renu - Happy to hear people concurring with my disturbingly optimistic thoughts. :)

Furobiker ji - Did mail you, not sure if it got thru, but on the sides I am doing Great :D

Jack said...


Read 3 posts now. What happened to your sound sleep? Hope nothing disturbing. You made my mouth water listing out all those which I love, Besan Barfi, Coconut Ladoos etc etc. When do I get to enjoy those? In case of emergency yell for him instead of taking on firefighting yourself. To achieve what one wishes it is must to look at the brighter side instead of getting under gloom.

Take care

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