Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bucket List

Well, I am waiting. Yep - for the inevitable. For the end of life as I have always known. 

Carrying itself was a novelty. The feeling of life inside you is surreal. The inconveniences it poses is as they say in "corny-land" - preparation for what lies ahead. There are moments of agony and pure exhilaration. There are times when you wish it would all end while there are others when you are ok with it going on forever for you are clueless what to do when its all over. But then as my midwife summed it beautifully - kids are the good things in life and all good things make us wait, and cos they make us wait, we love them so much. Hmmm true!!!

Waise, main aise dadi maa types batein kyun kar rahi hoon. Yea sab mujhe shobha nehi deta :D So I am going to revert to original self. Now my mobility is severely restricted thanks to all the Ahem "nutritious" food that I am consuming (carrot cakes and ferero rochers and margarita pizzas ;) )which have added Dunlop tyres to me. I can barely walk 20 mins without panting like a hippopotamus who ran a triathlon.  K's paranoia is also at its zenith with rules imposed as to how far I am supposed to travel at what time of the day and how I am supposed to get from point A to point B. I am like ok Saar what ever you say :P 

So that has given me lots and lots of - TIME. And I have thought of a bucket list. Thus every single day, I catch up on friends :) Then watch a good movie - an interest I am trying to re-inculcate. Read some pages of a good book. Then of course there is the usual of cooking and eating good food :) 

The movement to a new house has also landed me with a lot of additional chores. So there is also setting the house in order. With K's office being across the street, thankfully I have his company for all the meals of the day - which is a great bonus. So its a good run now - eat, relax and be merry - for tomorrow we may have sleepless nights :)


Reflections said...

Aaaah...cute 'talking to lil one' post;-D

Be careful of the dont magically vanish when baby is out;-(

Reflections said...

Came to chk if u did the tag;-((((

Deeps said...

Aww,so nice to know about the life growing inside you! Wish you all the best, Amrita and take care :)

Jack said...


Wish you all the best. Waiting for news now. May God be kind.

Take care

The Furobiker said...

as all oldies ask - to kab good news de rahi ho madam ? :D

The Furobiker said...

waise, from what i have heard from my recent-parent friends - Soo lo abhi jitna sona hai, thode din me india, uk and us - teeno time zones me kaam karna padeaga :D :D

SM said...

congrats for the award

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