Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Disclaimer:- Pretty personal post ahead. Wanted to write this lest I forget the experience.

26th Feb started as any lazy Sunday. Calls were made to home and then we dilly dallied as to how to spend the day.We finally decided to take a longish walk to a store specialising in Indian stuff. It was a good long walk where K and I got to 'talk' after many busy weeks. (Busy for him).

Once back home, I got a bit concerned since I did not feel much movements of the munchkin inside. We decided to get it checked at the local hospital. Everything seemed ok but since I had approached them with a similar concern 2 weeks ago and I was already full term they gave me the option of being induced into labor. We went ahead with it, since there was no sign of the lil one coming out without a bit of a poke. It was a bit scary and intimidating when things started to precipitate. And the bad part was K had to go back home at 2200 since there were no visitors allowed from 2200 to 0800. K left at 2145 and I steeled myself for a long night. 

But then exactly at 2205, they saw the heart beat of the cutsie spike up. I also had a temperature. Seemed like the hormones for inducing labor were going haywire on both of us. I was promptly taken to the delivery suite and K was called over to be the helping hand. I was put on drips to get the heart beat stabilised for junior. But 45 mins past, there was no improvement. The baby seemed to be in distress, and the doctor asked if I would want to be delivered surgically. In plain terms, go for a C-Section. We both nodded. The doctor made me sign a consent form, which had pretty scary stuff in the risks sections. I should make a special mention of the anesthetist who was a real perky individual. I will never forget her wink as she said - Come on lets get this baby out  and snapped her fingers. 

K was given a pair of scrubs. And off we went to the theater. It was 2350. Just to distract me K said, 'If its born in another 10 mins it would be an anniversary gift to your parents'. The anesthetist said 'Oh it will be out long before that'. 

And at 2355 with the words 'Its a GIRL' we welcomed Vaibhavi into the  world!

In the book '365 meditations for new mothers' the author says - when you deliver you deliver a baby and also yourself into motherhood. When I saw K's beaming face near my head with tiny Vibha in his arms I realised I had delivered him too to Daddyhood. We had officially arrived at parenting :)


Shallu Goyal said... goose i cud visualise each n every moment u hav described in the post..:)) so now u hav 2 occassions to celebrate on the same!!..:)) God Bless the new mom dad and the little angel Vibha..:) muaahh lots of love

Deeps said...

Awww,so so so happy to know that, Amrita! Heartiest congratulations to you and K and loads of blessings and wishes for the li'l angel :).

Wish I could show you the ear-to-ear grin I am sporting right now after reading this post :)))

Cuddles to Vaibhavi!

Nilu said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Very happy for you!!!!!

Shylu said...

Happy for you!!!
Vibha is a wonderful name
Take care!!!

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

aww congratulations :)
the cutie pie really looks shoo cute and sweet :)

Happy Motherhood :)

Reflections said...

Congratulations Amrita!!!!!!
Soooo happy for U!!!!

And ur baby's name is beautiful:-)).

U take care!!!!

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