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Wo shaam mastani :D

*Giggles* Yep I do not believe the cheesiness of the title :D But somehow this struck and now this is stuck :) 
Enough of my pjs. Let me come to main mudda. Hua yun ki yesterday K came home early. *Giggles* And I was like yayyyyyyyyyyy. After 4 years 3 months and 6 days of marriage, his coming back from work fills me with glee. And if he comes home early its like sone pe suhaga. I literally welcome him like a puppy welcomes its master. (Yes he does call me puppy/poppy). So yesterday when he came home early (with K's schedules normal time is early) but yesterday he was really seriously early. I could not believe my ears when I heard him turn the lock in the door. And when he stepped inside, I gave him the widest grins. It was raining, the weather was murky, everything was damp, dull and cold. But when he stepped inside - it was absolute yayyyyyy. :) (You can see I am at a loss of words - I was that happy!) 
Since I had daddy taking care of darling daughter, I had some time at hand. H…

Beatrice and Virgil

Ever so often I come across a book which rankles something inside. Beatrice and Virgil happened to be one of them.
I picked the book at the library since it came from the author Yann Martel - the writer of " The Life of Pi" which is one of my much loved books. The back cover of the book says " This is the story a donkey named Beatrice and a monkey named Virgil. It is also the story of an extraordinary journey undertaken by a man named Henry." Bizzare eh? It is. The way the author uses animals to communicate about an important event is stirring, unique and very very original. 
The book is written in a very simple tone. It is so simple that it keeps you gripped. The book has just 2 main human characters. In spite of it, the writer somehow manages to keep the narration very taut - so much so that it feels like a thriller novel. But it is not. Another striking facet of the book is the eerie environment that the author manages to create. It does not have any ghosts or gho…

Fare thee well till we meet again

Friends are some of the dearest gifts in life. I am blessed to have some real darlings in my life. 
It was a chance trip to  Wales that ended up in me being friends with B. It started off with small talk, but slowly the boundaries and the hesitations were lost as we forged a new friendship. Our mutual interest for walks was a facet that bonded us. It started off evening walks and step up sessions. We then hit upon another common interest - cooking. So there ensued swapping of recipes, dishes, sites with recipes and the whole nine yards. She was wonderful company for shopping and we spend quite a bit of time strolling the streets. I am not into shopping but with her it was fun somehow. Her vivaciousness was contagious. I will forever remember those chats in coffee shops and the frenzy with which she used to take photographs. She never missed a moment and lived each to the hilt. There were many evenings over the weekends later once we moved houses, when even if we were not hanging out to…

Of great weekends and sunny Sundays

For the first time I did not resent the Monday. In spite of being a full time mom, I still hate Mondays. But not this week.
The gorgeous Saturday started with K being at home.So I got time to work on a project of mine. I was trying to make a decorative piece for my kitten now that shes started looking around. So while K minded her, I was able to complete my piece. It took a day and looks amateurish, but then I was happy with the results :)

Sunday was frigid but sunnnnnnnnnnnny!! And I LOVE THE SUN! So at once I suggested we make a trip to a park. Got ready in a jiffy and packed ourselves for the tour. We took a good long stroll for close to an hour in the park. Finally when the sun started shying away, we decided to make the trek home. It was again another splendid walk with the sun playing hide and seek with the clouds. We thought of venturing to the library, but noticed that the timings had changed. To make use of the time we had at hand, we spent some time in the local museum.
K loves …

General khair khabar

Just had a long Easter weekend which was a welcome respite. So these are the small  itsy bitsy happenings in my world.  Friday managed to step out to a mall. It was the very first time since guddlu was born. And it was so refreshing. Since it was a baby friendly mall, we managed to deliver the regular feeds to munch bunch and roamed around for close to 5 hours. We even dined in a restaurant while the baby slept like an angel. It was refreshing.Saturday we had plans to go the local farmer's market. There is a lady who during my pregnancy was insistent that I come over and show the baby once its born.  I went to pay her a visit. And boy she was happy. She came over and hugged me and congratulated me. It was really a very warm moment for me which I shall cherish for ever. That followed a really scrumptious breakfast of crepes. I even inquired at the local health club for the swimming facilities. I am not sure when and how I can ever manage to get going, but getting the facts with me s…