Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Of great weekends and sunny Sundays

For the first time I did not resent the Monday. In spite of being a full time mom, I still hate Mondays.
But not this week.

The gorgeous Saturday started with K being at home.So I got time to work on a project of mine. I was trying to make a decorative piece for my kitten now that shes started looking around. So while K minded her, I was able to complete my piece. It took a day and looks amateurish, but then I was happy with the results :)

Sunday was frigid but sunnnnnnnnnnnny!! And I LOVE THE SUN! So at once I suggested we make a trip to a park. Got ready in a jiffy and packed ourselves for the tour. We took a good long stroll for close to an hour in the park. Finally when the sun started shying away, we decided to make the trek home. It was again another splendid walk with the sun playing hide and seek with the clouds. We thought of venturing to the library, but noticed that the timings had changed. To make use of the time we had at hand, we spent some time in the local museum.

K loves museums and his interest is contagious. I tried to look around at the sections of interest to me. But then I got tired after a bit and took to being with my daughter on a bench. After K was done with his wanderings, we were both famished. We treated ourselves to buffet at Spice Quarters. The lil one was cooperative to some extent. We took turns eating and at a point, where she would not rest, I held her while K fed me. :) Thank God there was not much of a crowd else it would have been embarrassing. Food done, library was the last stop after which it was homie home. 

Sun, Sunday, scrumptious food and stimulating time - who is scared of Mondays?  


Mukesh Agrawal said...

good good..I m sure yr girl is much more cooperative than my boy:-)
Shaurya, always keeps his food aside and grabs our's.
baap pe gaya hai khane main. LOL

Ashma said...

hehehe... loved ur project.. i m sure vibha likes it even more.. :) all bright bright !!

Jack said...


I am sure she must be looking at it all the time and wondering how it landed up there without her help. Nice way to spend Sunday.

Take care

The Furobiker said...

nice jhoomer! So sweet of you to actually make her something instead of buying

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