Thursday, April 26, 2012

Wo shaam mastani :D

*Giggles* Yep I do not believe the cheesiness of the title :D But somehow this struck and now this is stuck :) 

Enough of my pjs. Let me come to main mudda. Hua yun ki yesterday K came home early. *Giggles* And I was like yayyyyyyyyyyy. After 4 years 3 months and 6 days of marriage, his coming back from work fills me with glee. And if he comes home early its like sone pe suhaga. I literally welcome him like a puppy welcomes its master. (Yes he does call me puppy/poppy). So yesterday when he came home early (with K's schedules normal time is early) but yesterday he was really seriously early. I could not believe my ears when I heard him turn the lock in the door. And when he stepped inside, I gave him the widest grins. It was raining, the weather was murky, everything was damp, dull and cold. But when he stepped inside - it was absolute yayyyyyy. :) (You can see I am at a loss of words - I was that happy!) 

Since I had daddy taking care of darling daughter, I had some time at hand. He had asked me since quite a few days to make some vermicelli kheer. I was always hard pressed for time for the same. So I took the opportunity to make some. And we always make it a point to make some special dishes extra so that K can hand some over to his bachelor friends. So I made quite a big load.We savored some amount of the hot pudding. Then it was time to video conference with the grannies back in India. After spending some time, I went off for a little walk within the apartment. Day in and out I do most of the stuff at home myself and also manage to take care of the baby. But with K around yesterday I realised, how much of a help an extra hand was! I had time to myself, to just go blank. Flipping through the pages of the novel without having to keep glancing at what the kiddo was doing, was in itself a blessing. Bless him!

Now a dark, dreadful and depressing rainy evening deserves one thing - yep - Ginger TEA! So I spruced up two nice cuppas. We all huddled in one cosy bed - K reading comics, Chiyaa cooing and playing and I investigating my new phone. (Let me take this opportunity to reveal that K gifted me an iPhone 4s. I am a technically challenged person and centuries behind the latest gadgets. But I have my sister and my cousins mentoring and tutoring me and making me slowly but surely hooked onto the phone.)

We barely noticed how well and how swiftly time just flew. As the clock inched towards 2100 hours, we made our way to the living for it was time for The Apprentice. Episode done, it was nighty night. After a truly wonderful and enchanting evening - in spite of the rains :)


The Furobiker said...

seems mommy really enjoyed her half day off ! :D

Shallu Goyal said...

wowwww...such a nice, cheerful and feel good post..:) really felt as if i was there with u at that time..:) keep cherishing life's moments the same way dear..:))
u rock!!

Amrita said...

@Furobiker - Tumne saare romance ki aisi ki taisi kar daali X(

The Furobiker said...

abhi zara meri shaadi nahi hui na.. to wo wala angle samajh nahi aata :D

Jack said...


Enjoyable memories to cherish. Did you not go out in rain with K? How bad!

Take care

Ashma said...

lovely evening.. and the title is just so apt.. a mastani shaam indeed.. ;)

Reflections said...

Lovely read Amrita:-))!!!!

Renu said...

you have spent only 4 years, but me even after spending 36 years feels the same..hubby coming early is a delight:)

Enjoy the little one!

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