End of summer ? :(

Well...... summer has nt come yet in the Queen's land though the Queen has celebrated 60 years of her reign. But Queen ki rajgaddi pe 60 saal ki khushi main government gave an extra chuttiiiiiii. Yippppeeeeeeeeeee. And extra holiday means tour :)

This time we planned to go over to Windermere which is the biggest fresh water lake of the country. What bowled me over was the over abundance of Indians in the place and not resident Indians - tourists. It seemed like the third tourist was an Indian! There were youngsters, couples, people with mummy, daddy, granny grandpa and whole dynasty in fact! It was realllllly surprising. And some groups seemed to be attached to us by some invisible chord. We saw them in the train, at the table we had lunch, at the cruise, in the return journey. We literally knew where the other groups were each day without uttering a word :D 

The best part of the vacation was Chiyaa of course. This is the second vacation we took with her. The first was a real small 2 day trip to a nearby town. There she was as enthusiastic a traveller as us. It was so surprising to see her being all enthusiastic as soon as we put her in the pram. And once we had walked some 10 minutes she would be totally knocked out in the arms of sleep. She chose to wake up only once we were back at the residence, as if saying why have we stopped roaming. That small trip gave us the courage to plan a 3 day trip this time. This time also she was nearly the same, except for a small change that she was a bit colicky in the evening. Now for the un-initiated colic is random and persistent crying of babies mostly without reason. And the remedy is lots of cuddles and walking with them in your arms. We took turns in the evenings rocking her and soothing her. But thankfully we were a team who were totally in cahoots when it came to taking care of the little one. 

Well but then all good things come to an end. And the vacation got over. Somehow this time, I felt very sad. I felt as if the much loved summer vacations of school got over. I could never get enough of the summer vacations back in school days. I would so so look forward to the start of them. For that kick started the yearly trip to my maternal grandma's house. We would spend some really hot and humid days there, eating the wonderful food she made, sleeping on hot verandas for they might have a light wind sometimes from the nearby pond, and playing everything from hop scotch to hide and seek with cousins. After spending two weeks there, we would make the journey to our paternal grandparents place. We had a HUGE set of cousins there since I have 6 paternal uncles and an aunty! Days there would be loaded with fresh village produce, lots of milk and curd and raw mangoes. Each evening would melt away with card games which I never ever understood but surely watched. When the vacation ended I always hated going back to our town.

This time too I was filled with a sense of nostalgia and I was missing something. As I have said in an earlier post that I love 'missing'. But then I got on with the most vital anti-depressant - you got it - ginger tea. And I was ready to face one more working week. :)

PS. For Furobiker :-


Deeps said…
I was almost gearing up to blast you for not putting up any pics of Windermere..until I saw the snap at the end of your post! And that doused all my grrr-ness! Such a cutie-pie she is! Adorable! God bless :)
Deeps said…
Hey just a suggestion! Can you get rid of the word verification thing from comment moderation? It becomes a bit of a hassle to leave a comment every time it gets mis-read. You have a comment-moderation active anyway,na, so word-verification can be avoided I think!
Amrita said…
Deeps - i know the word verification is a bit painful but have put it to ward off spams :(
The Furobiker said…
yey! finally we have a face attached to the stories :)

she is cute!

and kids tshirts have much better slogans on them compared to grown up tshirts these days :D
Renu said…
oh wow..now after having a glimpse of her I cant have enough..she is soo cute...

And you know girls are no fuss in their childhood, my grandson cant sit quiet at all
Shalom said…
Wow so you have a lil girl too!!! Congrats again, she looks sooooo cute & cuddly! And you're in England!!! Gosh, so many changes. Anyway, all the best! How old is your angel now?
Amrita said…
Shalom you are coming back after 3 years :) Shes 4 months old now :)
Reflections said…
Ur lil one is a doll.....thanks for putting up the pic;-D

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