Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Laut ke budhu ghar ko aaye

Well, like most of my good intentions, this  is yet another which has to be left mid way. I intended to make another blog especially for the mommy experiences. I even made one called But for some glitch about which I have no clue (yes dhikkar hai 8 saal ke IT experience pe) the blog does not come up. As in I keep getting this 
Anybody who want to solve this, may feel free. 

I had very high hopes from this other blog - I was going to write ulti personal stuff and I was going to keep it like a public secret :D and I was to gift it to my children once I deemed right. Yes yes veryyyyyyyy filmi - I know :P

But then mommy proposes google disposes. So this error being the stumbling block, I have decided to write everything here. Roomie dear ne sahi kaha tha this blog is your space and it should show your natural progression. Keep posting here. But then like all good advises I did not heed to this. K also for the first time said something apt by hinting I would never be regular on two blogs - which might have been true :D 

So my dear (few) readers - you are going to be bamboozled by more boring auntyjee posts (Its a morbid fear in me that I am becoming an aunty and I have erected a firewall of my well wishers who warn me of any aunty type harkatein) There I digress. Back to the point - now that I had created this blog I had even put up a post - which again never saw the light of the day. So there you go - my post from the 'other' blog (Is'nt there something sinister in the word other? Or its me being filmi again? ) 

"Well I have a blog already. But then for a pretty long time, I was wondering whether I should start a new blog about my musings as a mother. I was faced with the usual quandary - will I be regular on both the blogs? How will I differentiate what to post where? And as roomie dear said Cherrie's blogs are my blogs and if all the posts are there they would show a natural evolution of me, from just being just me to a mother. So it would be better staying there. But then something in me said, I should start a new blog and as they say its better to take a wrong turn rather than stand at the crossing forever. So here you go, I have another blog created. 

But then me being me, there should have been something which shoved me to creating a new blog. Well, I mean this blog for you - yes you. I want this to be some reflection of what your mother is made up of :) 

Hmm... mother such a big word eh. But honestly I do not feel like one. Like I still do not feel like a wife. I am always Amrita/ Cherrie. The same person who has some people now attached to her. And these people refer to her as their wife, daughter in law, mother and so on. There I digress! Well.. so as I was saying, I have no idea why I started Cherries blogs. Maybe, because I am better at writing than speaking and wanted to show off my skills to the world. Maybe I have a lot of thoughts rampaging my head and I needed a vent. Maybe I wanted to just have the guilty pleasure of strangers having an insight into me. Maybe I wanted to keep a memoir - a place where I can come back and relive moments past. No idea - I am still clue less. 

But this place, is just for you. These are what I have felt every moment of raising you. This is just the first post, and I have no idea how regular I am going to be. I have no idea if I can even express the myriad emotions I feel as I walk the path. I have no idea how you are going to judge me when you read this - you may hate me, you may think I am weird, you may feel I am all cuckoo or you may love me to bits. But as again - its better to take a wrong turn rather than stand at the crossing forever :) "

BEWARE - there are many more such posts coming your way


The Furobiker said...

just saw ur blog got updated.. will come back to read full post later, but it seems you have enabled "dynamic template" in the new blog.. switch to some crappy template and it will start loading.. u cn change the template later
(if i guessed it right)

Amrita said...

Sahi pehchana Techie!! Seriously maan gaye!!!!!!

Deeps said...

Try wordpress Amrita. They have some amazing features and will probably put an end to your spam woes too. Yep you guessed it I am a major wordpress-bhakta ;P

Shalom said...

OYE! You're a mom????!!! Ye kya hua, kab hua ... (ok let me stop before I ask kaise hua :D :P).

But seriously wow!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Now let me scroll thru your older posts & try to find more about mom & baby.

The Furobiker said...

oh m not a techie .. m a consultant :)

in my opinion, keep one blog.. natural progression n all - i agree with it

the image in the end is naaice... will steal it for some post in the future :D it looks like me :D

Jack said...


Read 2 posts now. Small children get stomach gripes at times which makes them cry, colic pain. A tea spoon of Gripe Water soothes the pain and they are happy. Do check with doctor, if you wish to. Thanks for the photograph. May God bless her with all the happiness. I would request you to stay here and share whatsoever you wish to instead of making two blog spaces.

Take care

Amrita said...

yes Jack, we give her gripe water. But inspite of it she sometimes cries. Mil said it might be because of over exhaustion also - seems babies cry for that too.

Reflections said...

Well Rooomie is absolutely right and agree with Furobiker tooo...err who is Roomie really???

Amrita said...

@Reflections -Roomie was my roomie :) in Hyderabad :)

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