Monday, August 13, 2012

Super Sunday

There is something about Sunday isn't it? It always prefers being on extremities. It is either depressing, filled with dread and apprehension for the Monday lurking round the corner. Or it is lazy and idyllic filled with warm and fuzzy things.

Luckily yesterday happened to be one of the good ones! During the customary morning call with Chennai granny we were skimming through some old photos trying to ascertain whether Munchkin goes after her mom or her dad. K chanced upon some old pics of his college days. And he realised it had been eons since he had chatted with one of his oldest college mates. 

To get a hold of him, he made some calls to some other friends. Two hours flew by and he caught up with friends far and away                                                                            in the search of the elusive one. Even I had the opportunity to speak to one of his very close college pal who is also a new mom. It was mostly updates about our respective babies, but then, it was rather fulfilling to fill so many gaps. 

We managed to squeeze in some lunch after which K got on gossiping with yet another friend who is also currently in the UK. I busied myself with making some egg chops :) but could not help giggling at their conversation. They were on about old profs, quirks of friends and their shenanigans in college days. Seriously guys can roll on the floor laughing at such silly stuff :D 

As the egg chops got massacred with some chai K managed to find his longggggggggg lossssssssst kumbh mela ka saathi. They were talking like sorority sisters!! Yack yack yack yack. After talking for some 90 mins, they realised that omnipotent Skype exists! Skype connected - it was shocking to see his 20kg weight loss. It was pleasing to see his wife. It was awesome catching up.

For quite some time after the call K kept reminiscing. He was just so happy. Is there anything which can make you feel better than seeing the one you love so blissful?

The kadi mehnat se bane egg chops.


I'll try 2 be truthful said...

I thought the egg chops were goja (a kind of sweet ) :P hehe

talking with old friends always rejuvenates us and remembering the good old things it feels like we have once again become our older selves :)

Amrita said...

@Amrita - how can egg be in something sweet?? Ewww..
Waise they are a famous Cal street food... Bhool gai?

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

hehhee no no I meant that they looked like gojas :P

and anda to mera favorite hai , ask litchie ;)

The Furobiker said...

ye egg chops kya hota hai :O

Amrita said...

@abhi- bada paycheeda dish hai! boiled eggs coated with boiled spiced potatoes dipped in gram flour n fried.... the yolks are also taken out seasoned with garam masala n reinserted before coatings start.

The Furobiker said...

yeah kaafi complicated hai.. though in simpler terms, it can be written as hard boiled egg inside alu ka pakoda :D

Jack said...


One loses track of time when going down the memory lane. When do I get to taste the yummy Egg Chops?

Take care

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