Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The pleasure and pain of paternity

Sunday my baby turned 6 months old!! Whoa!! Boy o boy, shes a big gurl :D

As I dressed her and gave her a bath, which I do with remarkable speed now, I could not help but wonder how time flew!!! And one thing that kept us sane in the initial days of her birth was the 2 weeks paternity leave of K.

K was a fantastic support after Chiyaa was born. He was fully hands on - ready for every nappy change, helping me in and out of the bed and being a major help in the kitchen too. As I look back, it will be him the total knight in shining armour throughout.
Some moments.....

On day 2 as I walked down the hospital corridor, carrying the meals, there were some other ladies too who were dragging their battered bodies :) And K was standing at the far end minding Chiyaa. Then he splurted - it looks like a slo mo race you know, all you women carrying the plates and walking real slowly. You never know we can even end up having a photo finish. Come onnnnnn you can do it. Inspite of my stitches, I could not help but laugh out loud.

After getting back home, the initial settling in was the hardest. K took complete charge of the kitchen, though he hated it. He most hated loading and unloading the dishwasher of course. He used to especially curse the 'freaking spoons'. The whole process was termed 'The Great Migration'!!

The first night was of course the hardest where we did not sleep a wink. She was just up all the time! Finally at 0600 she slept and we slept like we were dead. In spite of being in dire need of sleep, K dragged himself up at 0900 and got on doing all the chores of the house. One time he even searched the net and made tawa pulao!!! It was so heartening to wake up to the smell of something nice and be treated to a smashing lunch.

There were times when Chiyaa would just not rest on the bed. All she wanted was to be held. K spent many a nights just holding her and sitting. Of course he used to dose off - but never complain. 

Some evenings the little one used to especially fussy. K would try his level best to pacify her. But one time, he just could not and was loosing it. Then finally she tired herself out and slept off. He somehow felt he was not doing enough and felt very guilty. So much so I saw his eyes glisten :( Poor dear. 

The initial days were surely the hardest, but I would not have survived them but for K.


Jack said...


These are the memories you both will cherish in future when you browse through photographs. We do.

Take care

Shalom said...

'Slow mo race'!!! But very sweet post! Thank God for great hubbies who turn into awesome dads!

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