Thursday, December 6, 2012


10 more days for the blog-athon to get over and I am seriously running out of fodder. I was thinking of posting yet another picture today but then the kiddo should not feel like an unpaid model and this blog should not look like a picture blog . Reasoning all this I thought I might as well put up my din charya :P I know very un-interesting read but who cares? ;)

The baby does fill up the day but there are some bits of it which are different everyday and some bits which are just the same yet oh so delightful.

Every day at 0815 there is customary call with Chennai granny over cups of coffee, breakfast and morning diaper change. At around 1100 it's time for some maalish which I enjoy as much as the baby does :) I try to plan at least half an hours walk for some grocery, the library or just like that at least four times a week. It does need motivation and will power to get geared up for the trip and especially to get the Munchie ready but then the rejuvenating feeling if having some fresh air does not have many equals . 1630 marks the time for my after noon cup of coffee/cocoa/tea depending on my mood and a Skype call to mommy dear.

As these bits of routine lend the stability to the day , there are bits of unknown which add flavour . Trying a new recipe ,making something for Chiyaa , ironing K's clothes , catching up with a friend, reading some pages of a book - they are the lovely unpredictable aspects in the day I could not do without.

The long and short of it - I am simply loving the joys of maternity . Touchwood .


Renu said...

nice dincharya..what i loved most is that it included both grannys:):):)

Amrita said...

Renu- koi granny chodne waali nehi hai agar online aake baat nehi kari :) They want their share of the kiddo :)

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

*burp* :D

Jack said...


As a grandfather I know how interested we are to know all about little ones. You mean Chiyaa lets you read a few pages without making efforts to grab it to read first?

Take care

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