Thursday, December 13, 2012

An idea can change your 28th post

As the days keep rolling by to reach the 30th day mark, I was seriously going dry in the grey matter area. 

But then there are some real cool idea people likewho have made my job a little bit easier. Here's the Alphabet tag :) Seriously what an idea Madamjee.

Cherrie's blogs have already reached the all time high of having 51 posts this year itself. Seriously half century in a year. All thanks to this Blog-athon!

Days are getting way shorter and it is somehow the most irritating aspect of winters for me. Apart from getting dressed up like astronauts, heating drinking water, melting coconut oil and a million plus one additional tasks.

Every day we think of hitting the bed early. Early to bed and early to rise right? But then either our madamjee is up playing or just not sleepy and when she sleeps off, our sleep is gone :(

For quite some time I have been toying with the idea of making daal baati. A Rajasthani delicacy. I would love to make it. Hopefully someday soon.

Good in a way that I do not have work to attend to. I keep getting asked this question, that it might be way easier to have no hustle bustle of work, but then, taking full time care of a baby is a physically asking task. 

Helium filled balloons look so cute don't they? Here's my lil one playing with one - well sorta.

Idlis are what I have been planning to make since the past 2 weeks. Never able to manage the time to soak the dals :(

Jostling for space constantly - that's the kitchen scene. There is fresh clashes between Chiyaa and the parent's dishes now a days. Constant competition between the little vessels and big ones, the small quantity dishes and the normal, the water sippers and the water bottles. Gosh! Its such a mess.

King Khan's latest movie came and went, and my heart never got the time to go aflutter :( 

Looking forward to Life of Pi though. It is releasing 2 weeks later here - no idea why!? Not even sure if we would be able to watch it in the theatre.

Moong daal sprouts with banana and milk is what I have been having for breakfast. It's a bit boring but its supposed to be good to counter hair loss. Take note Nance :P 

Nando's chicken is the only chicken K is still in love with. He has fallen out  of love with all. :( Too bad, its only been recently I was getting the hang of cooking chicken.

Oh by the way, K started a vegetarian. Turned egg-etarian. Then proper chicken-etarian. His love for chicken increased by leaps and bounds, till recently hes on the decline now :(

PS3 is something he never gets the time with. Poor thing, no matter how conducive the time, the lil one sniffs out hes going to kill some bad people and tries to join forces with him ;) K does'nt appreciate it :P

Quite strangely Chiyaa does not put much stuff in her mouth. She peels onions and garlic, makes a rattle of slippers, bangs vessels like crazy, but does not put things in her mouth. Diapers - yes that she tries to!!

Recently did a lot of online shopping. I think I am finally getting the hang of it :) 

Scrubbed the whole house with my bare hands. Felt good and all sanitised :D 

Try to shape up is what K told me yesterday :( Weightloss is fine, but you have to get into shape now :( Huh! I told this to roomie dear this morn and she said which shape? 'V' ? Friends like these who needs enemies 

Until summer K has given up his fitness regime. Hmpf. 

Virtually every place is resplendent with Christmas lights. Sales, shops open later than usual hours and crowds braving the winter - there is something in the air during Christmas time.

Washing machine is the most used appliance in our home these days, thanks to lots of baby bibs, muslin clothes and the like.

x-( is a smiley I am getting a hang of now a days :) I somehow love writing up the smileys, as in rather than using the ones that come up in messengers, I like writing them. 

Yahoo messenger has the best smileys I feel. I simply love the rotfl one =)) 

Z? I have reached zzzzzzzz??


Raphael said...

nice tag! and i think im in love with ur little kid. cho cute!

Amrita said...

Thanks Raphael :)

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

:) :) :)
The Christmas lights look so awesome,
remind me of christmas time of park street :)

chiyaa looks shoo cute hanging on to K :)
btw banana is also high on fat , u can try putting mashed banana oh hair directly ,heard that's works as well..

and as for toned body , swimming is the best exercise :)
even I am waiting for a warmer weather to go and splash around :)

what about watsapp smileys ?

Jack said...


On final dash now, just 2 more to go. Loved photographs of Chiyaa. May God bless her with all the happiness.

Take care

PS : Caught up with all pending posts since 3rd and left my comments.

Amrita said...

mashed banana directly on hair? chootega dhone se? Does that counter hair loss?

Amrita said...

and yea whatsapp ones are good.. but still feel yahoo ones tell my dil ki baat best :D

Reflections said...

Ur lil one is adorable:-))!!!

I like the Skype smileys very much...esp the break dance one;-D.

I remember the jostling for space bit...seriously kiddie vessels all around the place used to drive me nuts;-/.
Thanks for the tip for hairloss...not very appetizing but will try it for hair sake;-D.

Christmas in UK must be awesome huh...ENJOYYY.

The satisfaction of seeing the tally of blogposts going up is such a great feeling huh...I've been feeling quite smug abt it too;-D.

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