Fancy them?

I simplyyyyyyyyyy loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee dogs.Loveeee them. We used to adopt quite a few street ones. After we moved to our own home, we adopted 2 puppies. Unfortunately one was bitten by a big jackal and another was poisoned. :( It was too heart breaking, and ever since, we stopped taking up any more. 

It so happened, our tenants ended up taking up Rani - a Labrador. She ended up having them :- 

Follow the leader 

Tired of following the leader :) 

Where are my brothers and sister? 

Rani thinks my kids are quite a handful

Does 'nt it look like a seal

Rest time

Where's my food?

Cuddle time :D


Reflections said…
The puppies are shoooo cute!!!!

But I didnt understand....these puppies were yours???
And a Jackal came to a residential area and killed ur puppy;-o????
Then which one is Rani???
Amrita said…
hadbadi main post likho to yehi hota hai :D

no the puppies were of a tenant who used to live in one half of our house which was let out to them.
So they were theirs :)

Yep jackals come to residential areas in bbsr :( As in there are vast fields just adjacent to out home, and many creatures of prey loiter there, hyneas jackals , snakes - elephants too :)

Rani is the big bhondu looking one :D
Jack said…

Cute ones and captured so well with right captions.

Take care

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