It is not all gloom and doom?

'Yea does nt sound like me right? The so called eternal optimist bites the dust? Somehow things seem to be such a drag.

K keeps working forever. I see him in the morning and thats it. I have no clue many a times when he turns up. I am all right with it, since I know he is a bit passionate about what he is doing. But there are moments when I wish he was around a bit more. Sissy continues to have '

Well that is what I had written last Thursday . I had even titled the post 'is it all gloom and doom'. But Friday was the birthday of roomie dear so I thought I would post it on Saturday. Thankfully I got a bit busy in other stuff and rather than a morose post we have a tending towards up beat one.

Saturday we finally ventured for our first movie after the birth of Chiyaa. Life of Pi. We were all prepared - ready to hit the doors the moment lil cutsie shows any signs of crankiness . We opted for the seats close to the pathway so that we could bolt ASAP . Chiyaa started off by munching on some soft bits of the popcorn. It was followed by a couple of biscuits . What ensued was a period of restlessness . I tried rocking her and within a span of 20 mins she was asleep. Bless her ! The best moments of the movie were yet to come.

The movie was such a visual delight. Some of the scenes were surreal. The emotions were so palpable. Richard Parker was so adorable!!! The movie has done full justice to the book. In fact I feel like reading the book again.

Sunday we had plans to go for lunch to a local Gujarati hotel. We are zeroing in on places to host Chiyaa's birthday party so we are trying out different venues . Food was mediocre but best was sitting with Chiyaa and enjoying a meal and watching her enjoy the outing :)

Yes there are things in the offing which seem uncertain . People I love are in dilemma . It pains to see some real close folks in doldrums. But then hey ! It's Christmas time. May it be filled with happiness and good cheer for one and all!!

Merry Christmas!!


Ho Ho Ho!!! Merry Christmas to you :D

my mom tells me I used to love watching movies so much, that in a hall I would shut up and become engrossed with the big screen , he he ..
it was only after my brother came along did she realise that all kids are not hall-friendly :P

Bhagwan kare ki Claus ji aapke sare dukh , gloom,shloom and doom har le :D :D Ho Ho Hooo!!!
Ruchira said…
Beautiful pix, Amrita.

Celebrating your kid's b'day is always a dilemma cause parents think of food. But in the end, the kid just enjoys the decor thus, making all the planning and stress go in vain :)

Merry Christmas!
Renu said…
quite a feat to be able to watch a movie with a kid:).
Merry Christmas!
Jack said…

You must thank Chiyya for being so co-operative for letting you watch movie.

Take care

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