Kal kya hua

Well Sunday re-cap time again :) K had to get to work and that too real early. I think by 0800 he was up at his desk some implementation stuff *ARGH*. But well we got to look at the positives,so here goes :) 

  • K was 'nt there by the time I woke up, but I was able to finish my morning chores in stealth mode before the lil one was up. *Hurrayyyyyyyyy*
  • Made papad kadhi after a long time, and it turned out fine
  • Was able to complete Barfi *phew* 
  • I was being tempted to order some food for dinner, but somehow the site from which I wished to do the same was kaput. After some time my craving was gone :) Was I glad or what at having saved some calories!


Reflections said…
All positives ofcourse esp the calorie saving part;-D
Jack said…

Another Sunday gone.

Take care

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