Khali dimaag :(

Yes blackout :( again :( totally empty :( what should I put up here today ?

They say na girls love shoes well my lil one loves slippers with a passion :) she sees one and she s gotta have it, hold it touch it and even try to lick it :( Things were just getting out of control so I decided to make a pair jussssssst for her


Renu said…
wow.great she can lick it?
Amrita said…
Yea thats the main thing, its paper, but i have to make sure she does nt bite :)
Reflections said…
Hahahaa....good idea;-D

I remember Naina used to be after everybody's laptop and wdnt let anybody work on theirs so we fixed up an old laptop for her. But she lost interest in it in 5 mins and came back to irritate us;-/
Amrita said…
Kids are smarter than we give them credit to be ;)
kitni caring mom ho tum :)
bake biscuits in chappal shape?

btw about the kid .. I think a Diva is in making :)
Amrita said…
noooooooo they aint biscuits Amy they are paper slippers :) Baking shaking nehi aata mujhe :) Itni bhi caring nehi hoon main (I said tht in Kareena JWM style the way she says itni bhi sundar nehi hoon main ;) )
Shallu Goyal said…
hehehe....good onesssssssss..:)) loved the color n design..:PP and ur comment.."itni bhi caring ni hoon main" in the tone of "itni bhi sundat ni hoon main"...:PPPP u rock!!!
Jack said…

Sensible Mom.

Take care

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