Saturday, December 8, 2012

Serious ramblings?

I dunno somehow everyone every where is stressing the fact that the year seemed to have just zapped through. It is understandable for me, cos come on I had a baby - an earth shattering, nerve wracking event which has changed my life like for ever. But then for everyone else it seems so!!?? Even the photographer with whom we did a family shoot said, for him too the year seemed to have just passed. 

What a year it has been and what a wow of a year.But all that in the year end wala post. 

My mom while watching Chiyaa over Skype mentioned today, "I feel as if I never held her". I said "You were so busy doing the chores, getting the baby fed, cleaned, burped and so on, you did't actually get time to just be with the baby." While I have seen my dad and K, just hold and carry Chiyaa around - blissful, unburdened. 

Is'nt that the same attitude of women for everything? Always trying to multi task. Getting more than one thing accomplished at a time. Entertainment and 'me time' taking  a back seat and the ones enjoyed being closely followed by guilt trips. There is this urge in most women to summon that extra bit of energy and get that one more thing also done. Back from a trip, going uncomplaining into the kitchen to get the cups of tea ready to get all refreshed. Setting the groceries right immediately after getting home. Getting back from work and making the all important calls to home before they complain 'Why so late today?' I used to see it in my mom's generation but now I see my friends also striving for the same - I feel amazed!  Women folk rock!

PS. I have no idea what I have posted. :P And why. Just utterly random ramblings. I think to survive this blog-athon I should complete atleast one of the two books I am reading and finish watching Barfi which I have been trying for the past 1.5 weeks and get some good points from the documentaries I watch. Else this space will look increasingly zombie-ish with each passing day *shudders*


I'll try 2 be truthful said...

see for example now I had to do the job of shoving and pushing all my family members to take a bath .. and none of them listened to me *sob* :(

btw I really liked it that u called me Amy :) sounds so cute and nice and like some girl about whom a book is written he he , u know like the book "Anita and me" ":D

Anonymous said...

The year has zapped by hasnt it? And in the rush of managing so many things at a time, we sometimes do forget to pause and breathe in the moment. Sigh!

Love to Chiyaa! Have I told you yet that I love her name? :)

Reflections said...

U may be rambling but everything u said is soo mum is exactly like intent on making sure everything is organised and clean & tidy and she regrets the lost moments later. I'm the same I think;-(. My mil on the other hand does all her work but also makes the time to give her grandchildren the time...I admire tht quality in her & have tried to improve after watching her.

Jack said...


Every year we say the same thing - How the year has flown past. I agree that women are real multi-taskers and should definitely keep some me - time.

Take care

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