Monday, December 31, 2012

The world did nt end but the year is about to

This year somehow I was not getting the enthu to write the year end post. Things started going a bit topsy turvy since the 15th of the month. It was getting all cluttered, clumsy, uncertain and a bit dismal for people I love. To top it all, the untimely death of the young lady Damini/Nirbhaya/Amanat really distressed me. One half of me wanted to her to pass away soon, as in, she was undergoing too much torment, and that too for a life ahead which would not be complete. But then the news of her demise, somehow rattled me. Don't we all want life to triumph. :( In the New Year Celebrations, cricket frenzy and a day to day life, she will be forgotten, the episode will be forgotten. What will surely remain is darkness which will haunt her parents and near family, maybe till the day they meet her again. What heckles me most, in spite of so many such incidents, there is no solution. I being the 'cowardly', 'pragmatic' choose to be fully clothed, be back home by 2000 and always take my own car if  situation deems me to be late. I am sure, I am going to enforce these 'Taliban-ish' rules on my daughter too. Better safe than sorry right? But then are we really safe? Don't we get goose flesh if even one of the street light is off? A group of men standing by  a street corner even in broad daylight can make one dream up worse case scenarios. I have heard of my friends being stalked in a wedding reception! Is there any place that is safe? And safe enough?

Hmm.. anways. I think its a curse we have to bear. I do not blame all men. I do not blame women either - come on one life, they should have the liberty to dress and do what they want to do. But without our civic machinery churning, I see no end in sight.

A dialogue goes in Shawshank Redemption - Hope is  a good thing. 

As I became a mother on  26/02/2012 23:55 I hope the world is greener, more peaceful and definitely safer for my child.
I hope I am able to get into the minds of great people through their books as I did through a lot of 2012.
I hope I am able to be gainfully engaged with family as we were in India being with folks both at Chennai and BBSR.
I hope we are all healthier and fitter to take up more challenging endeavours.
I hope the year is so much better that we don't hope it to end.

Happy New Year! May the coming year fill our hearts with the same hope that glistens in the eyes of our innocent children. 


Jack said...


It is a big blot on our nation. I feel ashamed to be part of society which has failed. And it will be just a part of statistics in a few weeks. Wish 2013 is SAFE for everyone.

Take care

Renu said...

I hope the same, and will do my bit by making my family a women respecting one..

happy new Year!

Shalom said...

You wrote this very well. A happy and safe New Year to you and your family too.

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