Tuesday, December 18, 2012

There is something about Monday too

Is'nt it? Something so URGHH!! If I knew Monday personally I would have killed it. If I was Monday I would have killed myself. Hmpf! 

Today started darkest and dingiest of all days. The sun rose at around 0930. Urgh again! I was bracing myself for things to turn around, now come on the sun had beat the clouds and was out and about. More over I had a new TV delivery to await which K had been really looking forward to( a 42 inch Sony make LED for the most amahzinggg PS3 gaming experience ( iiiiiiiiiif Chiyaa lets him play Mwahahahahaahaha) Anyways, so I was looking forward to the delivery. I hoped Chiyaa would not be fussy when the technician was around. I also tried to finish her chores as soon as possible. In the haste I was a bit careless and she took a mighty big fall :(  - shes just trying to stand up now a days. Poor dear was inconsolable for quite sometime :(

Right then I got a message from my sis to call her. She never ever asks me to ring. Things must have gone south for her. As anticipated her situation was a bit messed up. I gave her some my dose of advice when the TV technician called.

He had already bored K enough by asking him directions to our place which is literally a straight line from where he was coming. He even cried about which apartment gate he should park at, where should he keep the stuff etc etc.

He came over all huffing and panting and marched to the place where I showed where the TV was to be fitted. Near that place I have a small play area for Chiyaa with a little carpet spread over. It generally lies littered with toys and other nick knacks of hers. Now this rhinoceros of a person just walked over without removing his shoes ( I know it's not an occidental culture to remove shoes but show some respect to a baby's toys! What do they look like? Compost?) My anger somehow knew no bounds and I very rudely asked him to step away and hurriedly removed the carpet . TV was set up in a jiffy but the interaction with the person left a bad taste in my mouth.

After that suddenly maybe just cos it was Monday my neck started throbbing and aching very annoyingly grrrrrr. To relax I logged into fb and saw a friend put up a rather horrendous photo of mine. My hair was flat( I had spent 5 whole minutes thinking whether to tie it or leave or open and had gone with tying and looked like a proper auntyyyyy waaaaa), I looked chubbied with a lil belly, the shirt looked formal (though its a pretty nice one it somehow looked yuk in the pic) and on the whole I looked like a fashion terrorist. By some divine intervention I wanted that pic to mysteriously disappear :( But such noble things don't happen and I was left to wallow in self pity. Kal se seriously walks, enough being all smug. I have'nt done step ups since we returned from India and I have been blaming winters for it ! Pathetic! Seriously PATHETIC!

Huh! Internet connection in BBSR was again feeble. Consequently the Skype call was so unsatisfactory :( more so cos I really wanted to talk to sis. All these were toooo overwhelming and I took to comfort eating. Ek to I looked like a piggy in the fb photo I knew I was doing no good by doing what I was. I knew a guilt trip awaited me. But then who listens to logic when emotions come aknocking. K had an avalanche of work and came home for a quick bite. Chiyaa was super clingy with him which made him feel very dejected. He wished to be with us but then duty called :( With a real heavy heart he made his way to work .

Things were just so botched up today. I hope John Abraham had a better day being his birthday ;)  


Jack said...


Monday woes told so well. Hope Chiyya was not hurt badly.

Take care

Renu said...

congrats on new tv:)

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