Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Throwing thoughts about throwing a party

Life always comes to bite me in the back - big time. Like what ever I make fun of others, comes back to haunt me like the images of lizards ( I know weird, but images of lizards can give me the worst of creeps). As in there was a time in school I used to keep singing about Jaane jigar jaane man sattar kilo ka wazan (in the tune of that famous song from the movie Aashiqui) I have no idea why on earth I used to find it funny and sing it. And sattar kilo I did hit and was I sad. :(

When my sis and cousins were into the iPhone frenzy, I used to possess an old radio for a phone. I was like, ok whatever, let my lil one come over, the baby is gonna use your phones like toy cars. Guess what. My baby turns 2 months old and K gifts me a - you guessed it - Iphone! You will not believe it, but when we had gone to India, she would just go for my phone and try to ravage it. Huh! 

That makes me very jittery of the Karma  bug. It is quite a relentless one. That is why I try to be fair and just (fail miserably mannnnnny times ) Anyways I can save my two pints on karma for some later day. Look how much I can talk without hitting the point. Well, whenever I used to see birthday pics of kids, I  used to think aww.. poor dears, they are not even aware of what's happening. And they are being thrown into the centre of all this. All the decoration, many a times uncomfortable clothes, crowd. Urggghh! Being an adult I would'nt appreciate that. Imagine kids as young as 12 months old made to undergo all of it.

But, but, but - the buggie is back to bite me. Here I am more than 2 months away but already planning the lil ones big party *hides face shame faced*. Yes like a proper cheesy mom (I wanted to be the uber cool one like they show in movies. Come to think of it, why do they show dads as being uber cool?! ) I want a biiiiiiiig party for my daughter. I want a hall booked, people called over, an elaborate menu and yes a glittery (and maybe uncomfotable :(  ) dress for Chiyaa. K took the stand of having a small get together at home cos being the pessimistic Cancerian he anticipates many people would not turn up, venue might not be so good and etc etc. 

As of now, the jury is still out. Still, do you see how life comes full circle for me? *shivers in dread*


Renu said...

The same happens to me, thats why I cant brag about anything , even if I want..

Reflections said...

I sooo get this post....happens to me all the time;-(

But have to tell u...there shd be NO guilt abt baby's 1st Budday party....rock it baby;-D.

Jack said...


I agree with K. Have a good get together with close ones at home and let Chiyaa enjoy all the attention.

Take care

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