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Iss raat ki subah nehi

*Mummy type post
Now we had the morning after. I was with my VIP all the while waiting for Daddad to come back. The day went in a flurry of activities with calls, checkups, visits from S and B who were really helpful. Finally through it all came the dreaded hour of 2130. 2200 was the deadline till which visitors were allowed in the ward. K bid me goodbye at 2200 sharp. Yes even if you have a new baby in hand and have been through a life changing episode barely 24 hours ago, you are supposed to fend for yourself through the night all alone. 
As K left I was left alone in a ward with 4 other women with their newborns. Our pains, fears, joys, anxieties were separated by curtains. So though we could not see each other we could sense what the other person was doing. There was one lady whose kid was having difficulty feeding and she was a bit perturbed and was having repeated checks done by the doctors. She was recommended to have a pediatrician visit her in the morning. There was yet another…

Pat a cake pat a cake baker's man

Bake me a cake as fast as you can.
No I am not learning this rhyme for Chiyaa. This is something that just came into my mind after my very first baking experience. 
Let me start from the beginning. I have always envied people who can bake.My mom makes the most amazing cakes and cookies, but I never ever gave her much bhaw except for licking the container in which she makes the dough. I loveeeeeeeeeee that raw batter :). I always wished I could bake or rather gather the courage to bake. K's manager's wife whetted my desire for the same. Shes mastered the art of baking. She can whip a cake or a batch of cookies in a jiffy. She encouraged me by saying, the only thing is gathering the ingredients. Else baking is sooooooooo easy. Sounds so promising. Then I have posts like this (Deeps) and this (Shalom) which make the option even more alluring. 
So I always toyed with the idea of baking - like one toys with the idea of joining a gym, a yoga class, buying salad vegetables or reading an…

The Dawn

*Blabbering mom goes on with yet another baby post I did write about the deliverance. Well as I was wheeled from the operating room into the delivery suite ( ahem suite, fancy name for the room you are brought into) I felt - blank. Yep just blank. I wish I felt tearful, relieved, joyous, exhilarated or any of the myriad emotions I expected. But nope. I felt blank. Its the sort of blank you feel after writing an exam. Yaad aaya? Yes that feeling where you pour out whatever you read into sheets of paper and come out and feel blank. You wish you feel happy about writing it well or bad about not writing it well enough or you think where you went wrong and feel good about something you wrote right. But you feel nothing of them and just feel blank. Well that is how I felt.
Once in the room, the first question I asked the midwife was if we could make calls (it was a hospital and I did not want to take chances) And the midwife said yes of course! The most beautiful thing was her eyes said YES O…

Laut ke budhu ghar ko aaye

Well, like most of my good intentions, this  is yet another which has to be left mid way. I intended to make another blog especially for the mommy experiences. I even made one called But for some glitch about which I have no clue (yes dhikkar hai 8 saal ke IT experience pe) the blog does not come up. As in I keep getting this  Anybody who want to solve this, may feel free. 
I had very high hopes from this other blog - I was going to write ulti personal stuff and I was going to keep it like a public secret :D and I was to gift it to my children once I deemed right. Yes yes veryyyyyyyy filmi - I know :P
But then mommy proposes google disposes. So this error being the stumbling block, I have decided to write everything here. Roomie dear ne sahi kaha tha this blog is your space and it should show your natural progression. Keep posting here. But then like all good advises I did not heed to this. K also for the first time said something apt by hinting I would nev…

End of summer ? :(

Well...... summer has nt come yet in the Queen's land though the Queen has celebrated 60 years of her reign. But Queen ki rajgaddi pe 60 saal ki khushi main government gave an extra chuttiiiiiii. Yippppeeeeeeeeeee. And extra holiday means tour :)
This time we planned to go over to Windermere which is the biggest fresh water lake of the country. What bowled me over was the over abundance of Indians in the place and not resident Indians - tourists. It seemed like the third tourist was an Indian! There were youngsters, couples, people with mummy, daddy, granny grandpa and whole dynasty in fact! It was realllllly surprising. And some groups seemed to be attached to us by some invisible chord. We saw them in the train, at the table we had lunch, at the cruise, in the return journey. We literally knew where the other groups were each day without uttering a word :D 
The best part of the vacation was Chiyaa of course. This is the second vacation we took with her. The first was a real small …