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When the other side is correct

I read this on the omniscient, omnipresent Facebook - In marriage there is the right side and then there is the husband. How true :P
But then sometimes the other half says something which is ahem - correct. Well it so happens that I hate rains. I have made my hatred for it stand out time and again. Now I am in a place where rains are well well well the less said the better. Friday was the (1000)1000 th day that it was raining continuously. Cos it was a Friday I was a bit more miffed at the rains than usual. Then K asked me - If what you feel like doing in the rains is snuggle in the bed with a cup of tea and read a book, why don't you do that? Why do you try to fight  it? Satya Vachan!!!!!
I was like such pearls of wisdom making perfect sense from himmmmmmmmmmm!!!! I choose to obey thee. So once K started to work I sat up all cosy with a cup of coffee and got on an elongated call with my mom over Skype. I did not care about making lunch for the day, making some snacks ready as I do w…