Monday, January 21, 2013

Anniversary weekend

Yesterday we completed 5 years of wedded life. January though is a dull month as the holiday season ends and everyone gets on with 'life' has two occasions for me. One is Pongal/Makar Sankranti which post marriage is something I have gotten used to celebrating. The other being our wedding anniversary .

This year K being in his 'work like crazy' mode, I did not have much hopes in any fan fare. I was prepared to whip up something at home and have my way.

Friday evening K ended up coming home early since it seems everyone was pretty bugged with work and wanted a getaway . I had made rice and rasam(K's fav) and brinjal fry. The smile on his face when he saw that made my day. And seeing him take his time and eat slowly enjoying every morsel (though no 'actual' compliments were uttered ) was in itself the biggest compliment. We both are pretty hooked to Mahadev on Star Life OK ;) Watching re-runs of the show and playing hide and seek with Chiyaa was the most awesome way to kick start the weekend (yea we are growing old at an accelerated pace ;). )

K had been insistent on to tonsuring Chiyaa's head for a pretty long time( she was born with massive locks of hair :D) It held some significance to him. Saturday morning he got to show case his barber skills. ( K does harbor a secret desire to be a barber one day- that for some reason is his dream profession) The kitten rebelled and cried and screamed and fell asleep. Once awake she was fed and the finishing touches done. She looked so different - thin and sad :( :( Since she had had such a difficult morning already we were dilly dallying whether to take her for her swimming classes . She was also showing signs of a mild cold. But then we had inputs that swimming does not aggravate a cold- rather the warm water is soothing . Plus she enjoys it a lot. So we decided to go ahead . And did she have a blast !!! She was at her frolicsome best and we were happy with our call to come over .

K wanted to grab some grub at a South Indian place (ironical isn't it). But then we were a bit early and the restaurant wasn't open.:( So where did we go? McDonald's of course :P we binged like crazy on burgers, wraps, fries, ice cream and brownies. Huh gluttons us :( Evening since I had some time I decided to whip up a fruit cake . Lately I am trying to hone my baking :) in spite of my mom being a super baker I took way too long to realise the joys of it.

Sunday K had threatened that he was gonna have work and might not be able to spare much time . I sent over some cake for the bachelor colleagues who lived nearby. Since they did not answer his knocks K was forced to take the cake to work where his supervisor happened to notice them. When asked he told anniversary being the reason at which he asked K to make himself scarce :P 
I got the biggest surprise to see him come back and say - we are going out for lunch wheeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

We went to an Italian place and the food was gorgeous . Though we were stuffed like polar bears about to hibernate we could not say to our favourite Italian dessert - tiramisu. K was in dire need of some more sweaters and we were able to shop some very good ones . The joys of retail therapy :))))))Evening we got into a minor tiff cos Chiyaa was being fussy in eating and we were not in consensus as to how much force was permissible :) To end the day we wrapped up to watch Aiyya( utterly missable movie - was saddened that an actor of the calibre of Rani Mukherjee was summoned to do such a superficial role)

Well- another happening year over and we turned +1 :) Here's hoping for many such exciting times with my boyfriend ;) ;)


I'll try 2 be truthful said...

The Last line was beautiful :D

and u watched aiyya? hahah !! I did too , only to run out in the second half :(

Happy Anniversary :)

Soma Pradhan said...

Congratulations to both of you !!

Jack said...


Anniversary week end spent well, followed by unexpected Monday outing. Never force a child to eat, just coax a little as children can never stay hungry and will eat whatever they wish to. Happy anniversary.

Take care

Ruchira Khanna said...

Congrats on a big milestone, Amrita!

Wishing you both many more years of bliss!

Enjoyed reading about your adventurous day.

Amrita said...

Thanks Amy,Soma and Ruchira.
Yes uncle i dont force too much just coax and distract a lil and try to make her eat :)

The Furobiker said...

yey yey! happy happy anniversary! And whoa - 5 years! I thought you married couple of years ago!

Amrita said...

Bahut bahut dhanyawaad hai jee :) Yea 5 years seem like a couple of years to me too :P

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