Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Straw that broke the camel's back and other stories

Wow! The title is pure genius! (Main apni favourite hoon :P) I wish someday I get published and maybe I will keep this as the name of my book. Thinking of which that was one of the reasons I started blogging. I thought I would be a prolific blogger, going on to be a best selling author and then I would have an easy peasy life giving press conferences, book readings and the regular sound bite on controversial issues to get my 5 minutes of fame once in a while. Pulling this chain of thought even further I infact wanted to be a journalist - a la Barkha Dutt. Never in my wildest dreams I thought I would end up being an engineer - huh - I who makes 2+3 = 6 (in my defense I read the + as * and there by hangs another tale) . Well where have I digressed to do you see. Note to self - cannot become (successful) writer  if you dont hold the attention of your hapless reader.

Straw that broke the camel's back
You know how babies are. You dont? Let me enlighten you. They (atleast mine) wake up in the middle of nights (BAD) and ask for comforting and then after what may be minutes or years go back to sleep (GOOD) . The most crucial time is when they are drifting to sleep - that can make the difference - whether time is going to be measured by the watch or by the calendar. The problem with parents is they take forever to get up and get their bearings once the baby is up (BAD ) and once the cherubic baby is asleep like nothing ever happened they are as awake as you would be in a town square (BAD). Baby 1 parents 0. 

Today baby woke at 0530. Started drifting to sleep by 0600 thanks to some crazy rocking by mom. Dad was also awakened. So what does he do? Give mom words of encouragement and praise? Nope. Dials office. Mom seethes but controls chagrin. Dad has the good sense to make his way out of the room. But just before exiting he says 'Hello?' BABY WAKES.

A toe nail away from the door - could'nt he have said the dreaded word after crossing the door?????? Mom lost it and flew into blind rage.  She was so angry, she could have made mince meat of dad. Thankfully she was pacified by some warm coffee and biscuits :) 

Sundays and Sunshine
I dont like shopping. Weird ? Yes - that's me. But then I did some analysis. Aur is nateeje par pahunchi that shopping ka maza is in who you are shopping with and who you are shopping for. I love the shopping sprees with my mom and sister. I remember back in Hyderabad with roomie dear our gang of girl used to paint the malls red (happy days). Somehow the lack of a shopping partner after marriage ruined the fun of it. Till I got my new BFF. Yep. Chiyaa. With her its real fun. I take her opinion - there have been instances where she has hand picked stuff. Yup.Literally. So last Sunday as the sun shone bright and warmed the place and thawed the snow, I ventured out with her. After the mandatory grocery shopping, it was time to pamper ourselves. Shopping for her is soooooo awesome . There is  no end to the cuteness and pink-ness in baby wear for girls! Aaah I could loose myself. 2 hours just went by and we both returned much energised and recharged.

Tall order
I decided to start setting my wardrobe. Trying the old clothes, segregating them into ones I fit into, ones I may fit into, ones I will never ever fit into but like them too much to give away and ones I will never ever fit into but are not important enough and can not be given away. It was an arduous task. I decided to take it further. I went on to one by one pick up each shelf and set them in order. It has been taking forever and I have some more forevers to go before I can rest. One thing that hit me was how much 'new baby' stuff I had in papers. As in books, pamphlets, coupons, discount vouchers, free samples and what not. See for yourself! 

I loaded this pile into one big carton - excluding the steriliser which is going to another expecting couple :) - and went straight to the garbage bin.Still 6 more shelves to go *shudders*.

Thinking of which there was a time when I used to read every line of every book and follow them to the dot. Now :) I read on happily on my kindle while baby amuses herself :P Kanfidence is the name of the game :P 


I'll try 2 be truthful said...

Somehow day by day I like the hindification of your blog more and more :)

My mom says daughters are the best shopping partners for mothers :)

and I really thought this was the title of some "deep thinking" wala book which u mustve read :P

- Happy reading :)

Jack said...


Time spent well and enjoying too.

Take care

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