Wednesday, January 2, 2013

This Wednesday feels like a Monday is nt it?

The festive season is over - with a little pop. The year 2012 started waning with some negativity. K was  in a bad mood on the night of 31st. Office worries as usual :( He kept dilly dallying between what to do and what not. But then whose spirits a warm cup of ginger tea cant rev up ?

He had downloaded some critically acclaimed movies of the year 2012. We had started watching them since the Christmas vacations. We watched Supermen of Malegaon which was a very nice documentary. It drives home how much power movies have in enabling people to escape the daily grind. I was really inspired by how some people work so hard to make their small dreams come true. 31st we started off with Cloud Atlas which has the concept of re-births and after life as its backbone. It has some real crisp editing. Some bits are nail biting - literally. Dredd was next. It was no Sin City , but there can be only one Sin City I guess. Some of the action bits are very nice and the sine wave like swing between high low was something that appealed to me. The movie was a bit slow for being of the action genre.

Well,as we were into the movie, it turned midnight. The whole firmament was bejeweled with fire works. I love K's enthusiasm for fireworks. It literally brings out the child in him. Talking of which, our child woke up.Made me ponder - last year I was carrying her. We had gone to a friends for a midnight dinner. This year here she is 10 months old and the friends are expecting their second child.How things move! Which again made me think really babies are the hope that things will turn around. When I spoke on 31st to a dear friend, she told me of a big misfortune on their family. Her uncle had been killed because he protested against some ruffians who were pestering his daughter and his wife. It was so distressing. Today when I called to check about things, she told her sister had delivered a lil boy. This one thing had turned around the whole scenario. While a day back everything was so glum , the arrival of a little innocent life filled everyone with unbound hope and joy. I hope the kid has all the good things in life! And we adults don't make much of a mess of this good earth.

Philosophy apart :) 1st Jan did not start top notch for us. My penchant for taking photos and posing ended up rubbing K on the wrong side and we had a minor tiff to start off :( But a quick trip to the temple and meeting people there was a very good thing. We were having quite a nice time, till the Panditji started singing! Devotional songs of course :D But then first Tamil songs, then Hindi, then there were some Gujrati ones coming up. No offense but group singing is simply not my cup of tea. I asked K rather than waiting for this talent show to get over we should make a move. (Again no offense to any religious feelings - I somehow feel devotion is a very personal and private emotion. That is why I am even shy of going to temples many a times. I feel more connected sitting in a corner and concentrating on a plant. Weird? ) After setting base at home with a fast asleep baby, we called up parents and wished them.

An impromptu wish to go see a Christmas tree in the town square lead to us braving the cold and stepping out. The tree had been removed (or maybe never put up) but we ended up having a New Years dinner. Chiyaa had some bites of the cakes and pasta and blissfully drifted off to sleep during the return trip. We decided to continue the movie run by watching a tamil flick Few pages are missing in the middle. It is a pretty nice movie I must say - situation based comedy and some bits of suspense too. Worth a watch if you got a decent translator at hand :) 

There are lots of ifs, buts, maybes in the coming times. Holidays are scarce and far between. Going by the first day, the year augurs to be cloudy with a chance of meatballs err no glimmers of sunshine. But then lets hope we have something interesting to look forward to, someplace interesting to go to and some interesting experiences to gather.


Jack said...


I am with you on what you say about religion. It is in one's heart. Nice way to usher in New Year. May you all have a very SAFE and Happy 2013.

Take care

Renu said...

Wishing you a very happy New year!

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

Hey Amrita,
First Of all Wish you a very happy new year too :)

even I get the same feeling about worshipping God, I mean i do puja at my home with agarbatti and stuff everyday.. but whenever someone asks me to go to mandir .. I am like arre mujhe nahi jana .. and then these people who remember god only once a week (*wink) say things like "arre kabhi to mandir chal liya karr " :P :P

You have watched Sin City too :D :D I started watching it, and then got sooo engrossed in it .. what a way to tell a story :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

Thats a nice list of movies which you gave.. thinking of watching a few of them myself :)

and cheerios to the kid :D
:wishingyoumanymore: :tathastu: :P :P

Soma Pradhan said...

Yes Superman of Malegaon is really funny. I heard that the guy is no more. He passed away recently. His enthusiasm is really amazing.

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